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Babies are born with HIV like particles and human breast milk has HIV type antibodies?


Cal Crilly

This is in the news....

Scientist's hearsay...

This is ridiculous rubbish from HIV scientists who don't know anything and don't want to learn about retroviral functions in our bodies.

When babies are born their retroviruses are more active because the retroviruses are involved in cell growth.

 "Expression of Reverse-Transcriptase-coding genes is generally repressed in non-pathological, terminally differentiated (adult) cells, but is active in early embryos, germ cells, embryo and tumor tissues, all of which have a high proliferative potential."

Endogenous reverse transcriptase: a mediator of cell proliferation and differentiation. 2004


So the normal sequence of events in pregnancy is the baby gets antiretroviral antibodies called catalytic enzymes or abzymes via the mother's breast milk, this is needed to slow down the cell growth post birth as too much growth can be as bad as none at all.

"In human milk we previously found catalytic antibodies (abzymes) catalyzing hydrolysis of DNA, RNA, NMP, NDP, and NTP and also phosphorylation of proteins and lipids. In the present study we have analyzed nuclease activities of antibodies in blood of women during pregnancy and lactation. Blood of healthy male and female volunteers lacked catalytically active antibodies, whereas antibodies from blood of pregnant women hydrolyzed DNA and RNA and their relative activity varied over a wide range. Relative blood abzyme activities significantly increased after delivery and at the beginning of lactation. The highest abzyme activity was observed in blood of parturient women."

Dynamics of antibody nuclease activity in blood of women during pregnancy and lactation. 2003


These enzymes were postulated years before by Linus Pauling and recently became the buzz word in 'A Cure for 'HIV''.

"Abzymes | The Scientific Legacy The theories behind Dr. Sudhir Paul’s approach to HIV treatment and vaccination originate with the molecular achievements of one of the United State’s greatest scientists, Dr. Linus Pauling. Awarded the Nobel Prize in 1954 for his seminal discoveries about how electrons enable chemical bonding, Dr. Pauling saw the analogy between enzymes and antibodies, but could never prove the existence of catalytic antibodies.  Many scientists looked for the evidence of abyzmes but gave up after years of failure to find them."

So now the search is on to make these antibodies and then make vaccines with them.

"the powerful evolution of abzyme research in the development of the world’s first therapeutic HIV vaccine."


Good luck to them if they make working antibodies, any artificial antibodies that work on these retroviruses may help in diseases like lupus, arthritis and psoriasis as well as cancer where retroviral activity is highest in people.

The interesting thing is that anyone's body afflicted with arthritis is already trying to make abzymes.

DNA-abzymes in rheumatoid arthritis: pathogenetic and clinical significance 2005


As well as Lupus, in this 2001 study the high level of abzymes being created by people with Lupus or SLE and Rheumatoid Arthritis seems to indicate the body's response to limiting cell growth and cell fusion so we make our own antiretrovirals.

"DNA-abzymes were detected more often in Systemic Lupus Erythematosis and Rheumatoid Arthritis patients. In SLE, catalytic and cytotoxic activities of DNA-abzymes reached their maximum. There was a correlation with leading clinicoimmunological signs of SLE. The disease was most severe with apparent immunopathology in patients with maximal catalytic and cytotoxic activity of DNA-abzymes."

DNA-abzymes and their clinical significance in systemic lupus erythematosis


And even of more interest is that pregnant women with autoimmune disorders can have the highest level of abzyme activity in that they are dealing with a cell growth explosion from having a baby and all the retroviral activity of that coupled with the retroviral activity that accompanies autoimmune diseases.

"The DNase activity of IgG and IgM from blood of healthy pregnant women was 4-5 times less than that from pregnant women with pronounced autoimmune thyroiditis"

So the abzymes in breast milk are needed to slow down a lot of cellular activity and I presume our abzymes snip up potentially dangerous strands of DNA and RNA.

Really this is new research but it seems ridiculous to have this 'HIV could be transmitted via breast milk' belief where HIV+ mothers have gone to jail for breastfeeding when the very antiretroviral abzymes plus other antibodies needed to get the child started are in the breast milk and this is how things were always done.

"In humans, pregnancy and lactation are associated with the production of catalytically active antibodies (abzymes) in serum and breast milk."

Catalytic nucleotide-hydrolyzing antibodies in milk and serum of clinically healthy human mothers. 2004


During pregnancy the placenta is jumping with retroviruses.

"Over half of human genome contains retroelements, including retrotransposons, retroviruses, and other elements. Human endogenous retroviruses (HERVs) comprise about 8% of human genome. The products of 2 of 16 identified genes of HERV-W seem to play a pivotal role in the placentation. These 2 genes are HERV-W env glycoprotein (syncytin-1) and HERV-FRD env glycoprotein (syncytin-2). It has been shown previously that syncytin-1 mediates cell-cell fusions of cytotrophoblasts into syncytiotrophoblasts. In addition, HERV-W env contains an immunosuppressive region that may prevent rejection of a semiallogenic fetus from the mother's immune system.

Role of HERV-W syncytin-1 in placentation and maintenance of human pregnancy. 2009


This is why our retroviruses like HERV-W which are involved in placental implantation and nervous system growth are also highest in babies and fetuses, the retroviruses are involved in fusing cells into organs etc.

The danger in using antiretrovirals on children is they poison as well as prevent cell fusion by retroviruses necessary for the nervous system to develop.

"Deep sequencing of brain transcriptomes disclosed the env transcripts to be the most abundant HERV-W transcripts, showing greater expression in fetal compared with healthy adult brain specimens."

Age- and Disease-Dependent HERV-W Envelope Allelic Variation in Brain: Association with Neuroimmune Gene Expression 2010


By the age of 2 and a half the HIV tests may not be able to pick up the retroviral phenomena anyway unless a child was sick and was expressing retroviruses due to illness.

So pulling a HIV diagnosis on a child is like pulling a rabbit out of a hat because children are full of retroviruses anyway and retroviruses are always there and by the age of 2 most of the retroviral activity has slowed down regardless of medications.

God knows what they did to that child to bring it's viral load down to zero.

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