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Can we stop WW3 from starting in Jerusalem? Yes we can.


Cal Crilly

I’m writing this for Jews, Christians and Muslims so they realise the war on terror and the perceived religious war is a ridiculous farce for religions that all came from Abraham.

The war in Syria is not about religion and never was, it started because the Syrian President Assad refused the Qataris access through Syria for a gas pipeline and gave the contract to Iran, he should have really allowed 2 pipelines, meanwhile Israel wants Assad out of the way so they can start drilling for gas in the Golan Heights, people like Rupert Murdoch and Dick Cheney have already invested in this.

The war was started by sending in mercenaries trained by the UK, France and the USA, they then used snipers to shoot both protestors marching against Assad and also shot the Syrian police so the police would react and the protestors would think Assad ordered the police to shoot at them.

Then the massacres at Darayya happened, 500 people in 2 villages were randomly killed by mercenaries, children throats were cut, the bodies were lined up and posted to Youtube by ‘rebels’ who did it. This then led to outrage among Sunnis who were then encouraged to go to Syria for a Jihad against Assad.

On a closer look at Syria it’s clear that Sunnis, Shias, Alawites and Christians are all fighting together in the Syrian army against an invasion force that gets supplies from Turkey, Saudi Arabia, QatarAmerica and even the Israelis give medical aid to these ‘rebels’ and want the invasion to be complete.

Christians are even joining up with Hezbollah to protect Lebanon from jihadists.

Western media is simply not showing how happy Syrian civilians are when the Syrian Army turns up to save them.

Liberation of Aleppo by Syrian Army and Shiite Militia

So the Syrian government war against this ‘coalition for oil and gas’ is very like Britain’s struggle in World War Two in my opinion, yes, there have been Syrian Army abuses but up to a 100,000 Syrian troops have died so no wonder.

Syria was a beautiful country before they sent in Jihadist mercenaries as this US marine describes, you will be surprised.

A Marine in Syria

It’s so bizarre for America to pretend it’s a Christian country when the USA has been responsible for Christian deaths in Syria by supplying Jihadists with weapons, not just in Syria but ever since 1980 when President Reagan helped the Mujahideen (former Taliban) against Russia in Afghanistan and Kosovo and Libya since then.

Americans should also have the courage to investigate 911 and find out who wired up the buildings with explosives, they should realise that Donald Trump has links with the mob and the Clintons do as well, Hillary also supports right-wing dictatorships in South America so has no credibility.

Both Trump and Hillary are Zionists, in Jerusalem the city has been losing the plot because Zionists are threatening to knock down the Al Aqsa mosque, back in 1998 Osama Bin Laden’s declaration of war against the USA and Israel was literally to defend the Al Aqsa mosque so this is apocalyptic stuff.

So yesterday the Al Aqsa mosque was stormed.

April 13 (Petra) – “A group of extremist settlers on Wednesday stormed the Al-Aqsa Mosque/Al-Haram al-Sharif compound, in the occupied holy city of Jerusalem, entering through the Bab Al-Magharebah gate.

The Islamic Awqaf Department in Jerusalem said in a statement that the settlers provocatively toured the compound and performed their Talmudic rites under the protection of Israeli occupation forces.”

Extremist settlers storm Al-Aqsa Mosque

They also did it last week, they’ve actually been doing it all year and last year.

April 4 (Petra) -- Groups of extremist settlers led by radical rabbi Yehuda Glick early Monday stormed the Al-Aqsa Mosque /Al-Haram al-Sharif compound via the Bab Al-Magharebah gate.

A statement by the Jerusalem Awqaf Department said that the rabbi and the settlers broke into the compound under the protection of the Israeli occupation forces.

The Israeli police stationed at the mosque's main gates, imposed tight measures on Palestinian women and youth and seized their ID cards before entering the Al-Aqsa.

Jewish extremists led by radical rabbi storm Al-Aqsa compound

Last year they had a practice sacrifice of lamb for the real thing at the Al Aqsa mosque which will be Passover Eve this April 22nd 2016 or next Friday as I type.

“The organizers stressed that this was not the sacrifice of the paschal lamb, but a rehearsal for the real thing. “So that we’ll know what to do, so that we can feel this ancient experience,” said Arnon Segal, a Temple Mount activists and the event’s emcee. The real Passover sacrifice must be on Passover eve, toward evening, on the Temple Mount.

“The minute the government approves, we know exactly how to do it,” Segal said, noting that the Temple Mount Institute in Jerusalem’s Old City had a portable altar ready that could be set up at the proper place within minutes.”

Temple Mount Activists Slaughter Lamb in Public 'Rehearsal' of Passover… April 1st 2015

They have red heifers ready for sacrifice.

"We've been working on this for decades. The red heifer has to be supervised and cared for in a special way since its birth. And it's very complex," Rabbi Chaim Richman, the International Director of the Temple Institute told Tazpit News Agency.  

“In order to raise funds and awareness, the Temple Institute has launched a crowd funding campaign called "Raise a Red Heifer in Israel" on Indiegogo, following the success of the organization's campaign last year that raised over $100,000 towards the architectural plans of the Third Temple.

Within a day of the initial launch for the red heifer campaign, nearly $11,000 has been raised so far. The Temple Institute aims to raise $125,000 for the red heifer project and according to the fundraising page on Indiegogo, contributions will go towards embryo implantation, veterinary care and feed, identification and separate care of candidates for the perfect red heifer, as well as publication of halachic research and findings. The successful introduction of suitable red heifers to Israel is the first project of a multi-level program that will span a number of years.”

Cattleman raising historic herd of red heifers in Israel

And they are blocking Palestinians from the mosque.

“JERUSALEM - Despite claims it is seeking to calm tensions in Jerusalem, Israel is intensifying activities to encircle the al-Aqsa mosque and strengthen its control over the holy site, a group of Israeli archaeologists warned last week.”

“Last year, according to official figures, the Israeli police imposed age restrictions 41 times, often preventing any Palestinians under 50 from entering.

For three weeks in late August and September, United Nations observers reported, Israel also denied entry to Palestinian women in the morning hours to allow Jewish groups access to the site. Some 500 Muslim children studying in the compound were refused entry too.

In addition, said Mizrachi, Israeli activities were cutting off the al-Aqsa compound from its Palestinian surroundings. Recent changes included:

* The extension of secretive excavations and tunnelling around the compound to create an “underground Jewish city” on the western and northern flanks of the Haram;

* The transfer of an archaeological park on the western and southern walls of al-Aqsa to an extremist Jewish settler organisation;

* The enforced closure of a historic but active Muslim cemetery, the length of the eastern side of the compound, denying Palestinian families access under the pretext that it falls within an Israeli national park.

Israel had also increased security restrictions for Palestinians on the main thoroughfare through the Old City’s Muslim Quarter to al-Aqsa, further limiting access, Mizrachi noted.

“The goal of all these changes is to emphasise the Jewish character of the environment around al-Aqsa, both above and below ground,” he said.”

Israel’s encirclement of al-Aqsa 'nearly complete…. November 1st 2015

The long shocking list of settler invasions of Al Aqsa, attacks and killings of Palestinians including children, raids, imprisonments, house demolitions and more including attacks on Christians by Zionists in Jerusalem from last year is here.

2015 A Dangerous Escalation at Al Aqsa Mosque.

But this is ridiculous and sad stuff.

Christians and Jews alike should know that old Temple of David was a mile away at Gihon Springs and the Dome of the Rock is built on the old Roman Fort Antonio, not a good place for a Jewish temple considering how many Jews were tortured there including Jesus.

Al Aqsa is the wrong spot.

The Gihon Spring- City of David

New Evidence for the Site of the Temple in Jerusalem

So please everyone pass this on and stop in the name of love.











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