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Crap George Soros vs Donald Trump


Published On 03/16/2016 By infostormer 

The evil Jew George Soros is having his anti-Trump groups threaten Arab spring like demonstrations across America.  They are calling it “democracy spring”.

These Jews and Marxists are becoming increasingly afraid of the Trump train.  There is no other reason why such demonstrations would be taking place.  After all, most of the current policies being implemented in America are Communist and Marxist in nature and benefit Jews and non-Whites.

The group is claiming to be protesting billionaires, the wealthy etc.. even though the group itself is being financed and controlled by the billionaire Jew Soros.

From Breitbart:

With little fanfare and almost no news media attention, some of the same radical groups involved in shutting down Donald Trump’s Chicago rally last week are plotting a mass civil disobedience movement to begin next month.

They intend to march across the East Coast in order to spark a “fire that transforms the political climate in America.”

The operation, calling itself Democracy Spring, is threatening “drama in Washington” with the “largest civil disobedience action of the century.” The radicals believe this will result in the arrest of thousands of their own activists.

“We will demand that Congress listen to the People and take immediate action to save our democracy. And we won’t leave until they do — or until they send thousands of us to jail,” the website for Democracy Spring declares, channeling rhetoric from the Occupy movement.

The group is backed by numerous organizations, including the George Soros-funded groups MoveOn.org, the Institute for Policy Studies, and Demos.


George Soros is one of the worst cancers in all the world.





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