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Cancer industry not looking for a cure; they’re too busy making money

by: JD Heyes    

It may sound ridiculously cynical to some, but there are many who believe that cancer is too big a business (meaning too lucrative) to ever actually cure. And they say the proof is in the numbers.As noted by Your News Wire, if any of the existing low-cost, natural and alternative cancer treatments were ever to be approved, then the healthcare industry’s...


Acusan al proyecto HAARP de manipular el clima y causar desastres naturales

Varios científicos han apoyado la teoría sobre la creación de los huracanes y terremotos por el hombre, indicando que se trata de acciones y proyectos encaminados por el programa secreto HAARP (por sus siglas en inglés Hard Frequency Active Auroral Research Program).

Según el portal digital de noticias Blasting News, el proyecto HAARP es un misterioso programa compartido...


HAARP accused of manipulating climate and causing natural disasters

Several scientists have supported the theory about the creation of hurricanes and earthquakes by man, indicating that they are actions and projects directed by the secret program HAARP (Frequency Frequency Active Auroral Research Program). According to digital news portal Blasting News, the HAARP project is a mysterious program shared between the United States Naval and Air ...