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Google has merged with Big Pharma to become its own pharmaceutical company

by: Ethan Huff

As you’re probably aware, honest and accurate information about natural health and wellness is increasingly hard to come by on Google now that the tech platform is altering autocomplete results and even banning entire websites in an effort to prevent users from pulling up anything on the web other than Big Pharma propaganda.

While it might appear that this...


Cancer industry not looking for a cure; they’re too busy making money

by: JD Heyes    

It may sound ridiculously cynical to some, but there are many who believe that cancer is too big a business (meaning too lucrative) to ever actually cure. And they say the proof is in the numbers.As noted by Your News Wire, if any of the existing low-cost, natural and alternative cancer treatments were ever to be approved, then the healthcare industry’s...


Dirty water and poor hygiene stunting growth of millions

Sarah Morrison

Using clean water is one of the best ways to stop children losing essential nutrients vital to growth, says study

Simply providing children with clean water and soap could make them grow taller, according to the first scientific review of its kind.

Improving the quality of water and hand-washing could add half a centimetre on average to...