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México habría sido “conejillo de indias” para vacuna AH1N1

El gobierno mexicano autorizó en el año 2009 que se aplicara una vacuna experimental contra la influenza AH1N1, cuyos efectos secundarios aún no estaban previstos, aseguró la doctora y teóloga española Teresa Forcades.

La Organización Mundial de la Salud, dijo, autorizó que la vacuna fuera hecha por sólo cuatro farmacéuticas, lo cual contradijo el discurso de que se...



JON RAPPOPORT Renaissance Man

By Mark Gabrish Conlan

Awareness Magazine July./Aug. 1995

Los Angeles-based Jon Rappoport lists such a wide variety of credentials on his resume - poet, painter, investigative journalist, talk-show host and political candidate - he practically qualifies as a modern Renaissance man. Besides his diversity of interests and talents, he has...


Dallas Buyers Club, “El Club de los Desahuciados”


Ron Woodroof es diagnosticado VIH positivo en 1986, cuando recién comenzaba el SIDA en EEUU, y cuya solución (AZT) parecía ser peor que la enfermedad.

Dallas Buyers Club cuenta la historia de Ron Woodroof (1950). Un electricista quien es diagnosticado VIH positivo en 1986, época en que recién comenzaba la explosión de SIDA en Estados Unidos, y cuya...


Anthony Brink Interview on AIDS

author: Cal Crilly

This is an interview with Anthony Brink, a South African lawyer who took Glaxo and AZT to court for an AIDS death of a colleague. From Sept 04. 

This is an interview done at 4ZZZ Radio in Brisbane, Australia with Anthony Brink, a South African lawyer who took Glaxo and AZT to court for an AIDS death but ran out of funds to continue. From September...


The AIDS Scam

by Cliff Kincaid

Back in June 2002, Senator Bill Frist joined with Senator Ted Kennedy to introduce legislation to “expand the fight against global HIV/AIDS.” Before that, Frist had joined with Senator John Kerry to introduce the “United States Leadership Against HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria Act of 2002.” Frist declared that “The rate of infection and the...


Julian Assange and the Agenda for Global War

By Prof. James Petras

For almost a decade Washington has sought to silence, jail and eliminate the world’s most prominent investigative journalist, Julian Assange (JA) and his team of co-workers at WikiLeaks (WL).

Never has the mass media been so thoroughly discredited by official documents which directly contradict the official propaganda, mouthed by political leaders...