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Propaganda de la BBC: ¿Por qué quiero un implante de microchip?

Por: The Truth 

12 de Febrero. ¿Le gustaría que le implanten bajo su piel un microchip de identificación por radiofrecuencia? Si usted es como yo, nunca permitiría que tal cosa se haga. Pero muchos otros, especialmente las generaciones más jóvenes, ven las cosas muy diferente. Implantes de microchips de identificación por radiofrecuencia (RFID por sus siglas en inglés)...




Karl Slym, de 51 años y director general de la compañía automotriz hindú Tata Motors, se tiró del piso 22 del hotel tailandés Shangri-La donde se alojaba para participar en una reunión del consejo de administración de su empresa, justo antes del...


“Big Brother is Watching You”. Beyond Orwell’s Worst Nightmare

By Marjorie Cohn

“Big Brother is Watching You,” George Orwell wrote in his disturbing book 1984. But, as Mikko Hypponen points out, Orwell “was an optimist.” Orwell never could have imagined that the National Security Agency (NSA) would amass metadata on billions of our phone calls and 200 million of our text messages every day. Orwell could not have foreseen that our...



from Bringers of the dawn by Barbara J. Marciniak (1992)

Ch 8, p90-92

Modern technology is one of the biggest weapons of frequency control. You have been sold devices for entertainment and convenience, and they are all involved with frequency control. We recommend strongly that you get rid of your tele­vision sets. They are the primary tool used to manipulate your...


NSA collects 5bn cellphone records a day

Top-secret documents and interviews show that the US National Security Agency collects almost 5 billion cellphone records a day, enabling the agency to track individuals’ movements and map their relationships.

The documents, provided by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden, show that the collected records are stored in a vast database containing location information of at...


New NSA Revelations Another Limited Hangout Whitewash

Mainstream media still refuses to acknowledge Echelon has listened in on all communications since 1990's

Paul Joseph Watson

The new details concern how, “The National Security Agency is gathering nearly 5 billion records a day on the whereabouts of cellphones around the world.”

However, the report reveals itself to be little more than an exercise in soft-peddling...


Revelación de Snowden: La NSA comparte sus datos de inteligencia con Israel

La Agencia de Seguridad Nacional comparte rutinariamente los datos de su inteligencia con Israel, sin eliminar antes la información personal de sus ciudadanos, según un documento secreto proporcionado a 'The Guardian' por Edward Snowden.

Los detalles del acuerdo de intercambio de inteligencia figuran en un memorando de entendimiento entre la NSA y su homólogo israelí que...


NSA Funds New “Top Secret” $60 Million Dollar Data Lab

Center will analyze information from private emails, cell phone calls, Google searches

Paul Joseph Watson

The National Security Agency is funding a “top secret” $60 million dollar data analysis lab at North Carolina State University which will scrutinize information collected from private emails, phone calls and Google searches.

“The Laboratory for Analytic...


Israeli PM recruiting university students to engage in publicity war for Tel Aviv

The Israeli regime has undertaken a new bid to recruit students to work at universities as "covert units," posting messages on social networking websites on behalf of Tel Aviv.

The recruited students taking part in the clandestine propaganda project for the Zionist regime will be part of the “public diplomacy” arm of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office,...


Russia among countries atop NSA surveillance priority list

Russia, alongside the EU, China and Iran, are on top of the NSA’s spying priority list, according to a document leaked by fugitive Edward Snowden and published by Der Spiegel weekly.

In the classified document, dated April 2013, countries are  assigned levels of interest for NSA surveillance from 1 (the  highest) to 5 (the lowest).   

Among the top surveillance targets are...