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Los judíos negros, el “cáncer” de Israel

Juan Gelman

Nadie sabe con certeza por qué existen antiquísimas comunidades de negros judíos en África, en Etiopía, Eritrea, Sudán, Zimbabue. No hay registros de este hecho, pero abundan las hipótesis: se dice que podrían ser descendientes de Menelik I, presunto hijo del rey Salomón y la reina de Saba. O miembros de Dan, una de las 12 tribus hebreas mencionadas en el...


Israel, the UNO and Impotence

Many are the men who in later middle age try to perform but... well, it just doesn't happen. An understanding partner can say "It doesn't matter, dear" before she starts to fantasize about the milkman. Many are the times that the international community calls upon Israel not to proceed with colonies. Well, it just doesn't happen.

So here we have Ban Ki-Moon, UN...


The War on Mali. What you Should Know: An Eldorado of Uranium, Gold, Petroleum, Strategic Minerals …

By R. Teichman

The French government has stated that:

“it would send 2,500 troops to support Malian government soldiers in the conflict against Islamist rebels. France has already deployed around 750 troops to Mali, and French carriers arrived in Bamako on Tuesday morning…..

We will continue the deployment of forces on the ground and in the...


Farsas sistémicas (IV): ¿La “voz” de quién? (O por qué me di de baja en Avaaz)

Escrito por: Cordura el 12 Mar 2011 - URL Permanente

Avaaz significa “voz”. La organización así llamada, a la que alguien caracterizó como «el Google del ciberactivismo», quiere dar voz a millones de personas (“empoderarlas”, dicen ellos) para acercar la realidad a la del mundo «que la mayoría de la gente quiere». Sus planteamientos parecen progresistas...


Mali: FUKUS Axis in action again

After the FUKUS Axis created the situation in Mali by their illegal attack against Libya, after the FUKUS Axis installed terrorists in power in Libya, after the FUKUS Axis sent terrorists into Syria and then recognized them as the legitimate Government, we have the FUKUS Axis on an imperialist adventure in Mali.

Nice one. The FUKUS Axis (France, UK, US) is now in Mali...


Zionist Spring Offensive in the Middle East Probable

by Rick Bronson

Syria’s President Assad is stating that he believes that he can maintain control of his country and defeat the insurgency and it is being said that Russia is backing that position, thus causing a rise in tensions between the US and Russia.  The question would be, if the United States is only interested in stopping the killing in Syria, does it matter how...


US Army degenerates by leaps and bounds

While the U.S. fights for "equality and democracy" around the world, the U.S. army gets morally degraded. The soldiers serving outside the United States, commit serious crimes: rapes, robberies and murders. However, most of them get away with it easily, whereas the facts of such crimes are swept under the carpet. So what do the U.S. military do away from their fatherland?



Does Truth Have A Future In America?

By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

As a writer I have found that one problem in communicating with readers is that many have political, social, economic, or ideological agendas.

They read in order to confirm their beliefs and agendas. Neither the right-wing nor the left-wing can escape their ideological boxes and are creatures of their biases. They want their prejudices...


Detenido ex-infante de marina de EEUU en un psiquiátrico por opinar en Facebook que el 11-S fue obra del Gobierno

Publicado en EuroNews el 22 de Agosto del 2012

Brandon J. Raubha recibido la orden de permanecer en una institución de salud mental durante un mes sin cargos. Algo contrario a la Constitución de Estados Unidos, como su defensa dice. Sus partidarios están preocupados de que cualquier estadounidense podría terminar en la misma situación que Raub.

La policía detuvo a...


Syria's air defense is key to Assad's courage

Recently, the amount of disinformation around Syria has significantly increased. The goal is to escalate tension and pressure of the atmosphere of fear in the government of Bashar al-Assad who must be forced to make some impulsive step. The position of the Russian leadership is criticized, but this is precisely what does not allow the West to topple Assad. Russia is also...