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La Respuesta Correcta ¿Por qué todos permanecen ciegos frente a lo obvio?

por John Kaminski

Cuando usted hace la pregunta incorrecta, usted nunca consigue la respuesta correcta. La pregunta no es "¿Quién y qué es Al-Qaeda?". La pregunta es... quién los contrató.

       Si usted vive el suficiente tiempo, usted ve las mismas historias, generación tras generación: la manipulación del crédito causa la depresión y el hambre, seguido de...


Bilderberg Group Founder Reveals Secrets of The Bilderberg Group

by Andrew Puhanic

20 years after the Bilderberg Groupwas established, its founder Prince Bernhard revealed to the world the secrets of the Bilderberg Group. Today, the Bilderberg Group is still the same shadowy and secretive organization that it was in 1954 when it was founded. In fact, former United States President Gerald R. Ford in 1965 revealed his thoughts about the...


Obama: Netanyahu is a “Liar” and a “Coward”

by Press TV

American political discourse is chilled, if not frozen, by fear of the Israel lobby. Anyone who criticizes the apartheid Zionist entity will be attacked as an anti-Semite. Many Americans have lost their jobs, others have been harassed by the IRS, and some have even had their lives threatened for speaking out against Israel.

Yet one very important American...


Clinton out under a cloud

It was a fitting exit for Hillary "War Zone" Clinton who claimed to have arrived in Bosnia under fire when in fact she was met by a band and a red carpet. She forgot. What the heck, eh? And now she makes her last appearance on Capitol Hill as Secretary of State defending her record in Benghazi. Let us examine who started it...

The first question is very easy to answer, even...


The rise of Bolshevik America?

by George Green

In his recent presidential directives President Obama has added something that most publications have been silent about; forcing doctors, and other health care providers to ask questions regarding gun ownership of patients. Ostensibly this is to 'find crazy people before they do something' but it reeks of the same system of informants the KGB used in an era...


The Lies Of Democracy and the Language Of Deceit

By Colin Todhunter

In an increasingly media-driven age, language is everything and is often used by officialdom to tyrannise meaning. With the deaths of millions on its hands since 1945, the US has become the world’s number one terror state. By the 1980s, former CIA man John Stockwell had put the figure at six million. As a recent article has indicated, from mass bombing...


Los judíos negros, el “cáncer” de Israel

Juan Gelman

Nadie sabe con certeza por qué existen antiquísimas comunidades de negros judíos en África, en Etiopía, Eritrea, Sudán, Zimbabue. No hay registros de este hecho, pero abundan las hipótesis: se dice que podrían ser descendientes de Menelik I, presunto hijo del rey Salomón y la reina de Saba. O miembros de Dan, una de las 12 tribus hebreas mencionadas en el...


Israel, the UNO and Impotence

Many are the men who in later middle age try to perform but... well, it just doesn't happen. An understanding partner can say "It doesn't matter, dear" before she starts to fantasize about the milkman. Many are the times that the international community calls upon Israel not to proceed with colonies. Well, it just doesn't happen.

So here we have Ban Ki-Moon, UN...


The War on Mali. What you Should Know: An Eldorado of Uranium, Gold, Petroleum, Strategic Minerals …

By R. Teichman

The French government has stated that:

“it would send 2,500 troops to support Malian government soldiers in the conflict against Islamist rebels. France has already deployed around 750 troops to Mali, and French carriers arrived in Bamako on Tuesday morning…..

We will continue the deployment of forces on the ground and in the...