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Ron Paul: Federal Reserve System a ‘fallacy’

In a House Financial Services Committee hearing on Wednesday, Texas  Republican Rep. Ron Paul ripped into the Federal Reserve System, calling the  central bank a “fallacy” and a “flawed system.”

“I think they have a job that they can’t do, because it’s an unmanageable job  and it’s a fallacy, it’s a flawed system, and therefore we shouldn’t expect good ...


Plumpy'nut and the greed.

Emanuel Pechir.

Four years ago some people received information from a great scientist, which I will not say his name for respect of his anonymity, about a therapeutic food called Plumpy’nut; the product is manufactured by the French company "Nutriset".

Plumpy'nut is made of peanut paste, which the company holds the patent of the product, and of course Nutriset wants to...


Plumpy’nut y la codicia.

Emanuel Pechir.

Hace cuatro años algunas personas recibimos información de un gran científico, del cual no voy a decir su nombre por respeto a su anonimato, acerca de un alimento terapéutico llamado Plumpy’nut, el producto es fabricado por la compañía francesa “Nutriset”.

Plumpy’nut está hecho a base de pasta de cacahuate con lo cual la empresa Nutriset...