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Obama, The Inept Politician

The POTUS Rated by Both Democrats and Republicans as Being at the Back of the Queue of Effective World Leaders

By Anthony Bellchambers

Barack Obama was elected in 2009 on a mandate to manage the American economy; to create new jobs; to overhaul the welfare system for those in need and, critically, to make both the United States and the world safer places.

On all...


President Killary. Would The World Survive President Hillary?

By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

This is an English translation of an article that I wrote for the German magazine, Compact.

I was encouraged by the high level of intelligent discourse that Compact brings to its readers. If only the US had more people capable of reaching beyond entertainment to comprehending the forces that affect them, there might be some hope for America. 



"Nuevo Orden Mundial Judío/Sionista" "... NEW YORK TIMES... ¡¡1940 !!

Más pruebas del cáncer que es el judaísmo y el sionismo, ya en 1940 habían anunciado en el diario sionista y más influyente del mundo su intención del Nuevo Orden Mundial Judío Sionista, que por desgracia se consolidó en 1945 con la derrota del Nacionalsocialismo, y antes de que pienses en todas las mentiras que te han repetido desde la escuela sobre la Segunda Guerra...


“Puppet on a String”: Hillary as President would be Catastrophic for the US and the World

By Steven MacMillan

Beholden to special interests; complicit in US war crimes across the globe; held top secret information on an unsecured home server; incessantly lies (like most politicians); and is married to a man who has been accused by multiple women of sexual assault: the fact that Hillary Clinton is even remotely capable of becoming President of the US is symptomatic of...


Algunos Predicadores Evangélicos son 'Satanistas'

por 'Judy'

Oral Roberts (1918-2009) fue pionero en el evangelismo televisivo, alcanzando millones de seguidores en todo el mundo trayendo el pentecostalismo estadounidense en la corriente principal.  

De acuerdo con "Judy", una víctima de abuso ritual satánico, él y muchos evangelistas eran satanistas que cometieron indecibles atrocidades. 

Esto explica el por qué...


Some Evangelical Preachers are Satanists

Oral Roberts (1918-2009) pioneered TV Evangelism reaching millions of followers worldwide, bringing American Pentecostalism into the mainstream. 

According to "Judy," a victim of satanic ritual abuse, he and many evangelists were Satanists who committed unspeakable atrocities. 

There are an estimated 285 million Evangelicals, comprising 13.1% of the total Christian...


La agenda oculta del sionismo

por Iosu Perales

Fueron bastantes las voces que tras la muerte de Yasir Arafat pronosticaron una nueva época en el conflicto palestino-israelí y no dudaron en afirmar que la paz estaba más cerca.

Este tipo de análisis partía del principio extendido por el sionismo y por Estados Unidos de que Arafat era “el problema”, el mayor obstáculo para la realización del...


Hillary Clinton - War Criminal, Racist, Psychopath

By Stephen Lendman

Clinton appears unstoppable for her party’s nomination. Americans should be terrified about the possibility of a power-crazed lunatic as president - her finger on the nuclear trigger.

Possible global war with her in charge with weapons able to kill us all should scare everyone. Forget her gender. She’s a Wall Street supported war goddess, the most...


Donald Trump: You’re all Violent Communists Now!

By Michael T. Bucci

According to Donald Trump, as I understand it, Bernie Sanders is responsible for any violence that has or will occur at Trump rallies. Case closed? Bernie is a “Communist”; and his followers are “leftists” who “want to destroy this country!” Case closed?

If Sanders folk “don’t get it,” be forewarned: Trump is framing him and you! To...


Israel Confirms Delegation Visit to Riyadh: Saudi Princes Say We “Don’t Care” about the Palestinians

By Alahednews

“Israeli” Channel 10 reported in its night news bulletin that a high-level Zionist delegation, led by a top official figure, visited the Saudi capital city of Riyadh some weeks ago.

It further noted that the visit is not the first. It is rather one of a series of other previous ones. The channel further added that the Zionist military censorship bans...