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Outrage: Why is the US surprised?

Let the killing of Ambassador Christopher Stevens in Benghazi be the diplomatic legacy of Hillary R. Clinton and let her surprise and bewilderment be a telling insight into her utter incompetence to do the job. To be a diplomat, you need emotional intelligence and that, unfortunately, Hillary Clinton does not have.

Just what exactly did the United States of America expect from ...


9/11: A geo-political monster

The victims of 9/11 are not only encountered in New York. The victims of 9/11 lived in Afghanistan, in Iraq, in Libya and today, in Syria, campaigns created and wars waged on the back of the most shocking example of the manipulation of fear in the history of humankind. 9/11 was an insult to the memories of the deceased, an insult to their families.

The anomalies of the 9/11...


The message from both parties is that Americans are disposable

By Paul Craig Roberts

If political conventions are ranked on a one to ten scale for intelligence, I give the Republican Convention zero and the Democrats one.

How can the United States be a superpower when both political parties are unaware of everything that is happening at home and abroad?

The Republicans are relying for victory on four years of anti-Obama propaganda...


US is a refuge for criminals, Morales says

Bolivian President Evo Morales has said the United States has become a "refuge for criminals" in response to Washington’s refusal to extradite a former Bolivian president wanted in connection with the deaths of 63 people.

Yesterday (Thursday), a document arrived from the United States, rejecting the extradition of people who have done a lot of damage to Bolivia," Morales...


300 Mossad mercenaries operating in Tunisia

Operating in Tunisia are 300 mercenaries of the Israeli intelligence service, Mossad, said Abdul Rauf al-Ayadi, head of the Loyalty to the Tunisian Revolution fraction, in an interview Wednesday with the Lebanese television station Al-Mayadeen.  

Al-Ayadi, citing Tunisian security sources, added that the Mossad has established three centers on Tunisian territory in order to ...


La CIA y el MI-6 torturaban a enemigos de Gaddafi y los entregaban a Libia

Algunos de estos ex enemigos de EE.UU. y presuntos terroristas ocupan cargos importantes en el actual Gobierno libio

Human Rights Watch (HRW) revela detalles de la colaboración de la CIA y el MI-6 con los servicios secretos de Muammar Gaddafi en capturas y torturas de presuntos extremistas islámicos, así como en su posterior envío a Libia.

Un extenso documento de 154...


EE.UU. está al borde de un desastre tecnológico

El país vive bajo la constante amenaza de la infraestructura obsoleta. Su modernización costaría 2,2 billones de dólares

La prensa estadounidense se ha visto 'inundada' recientemente con alarmante información sobre un inminente desastre tecnológico que puede ocurrir cualquier momento en EE.UU. como consecuencia del deplorable estado de la infraestructura en el...


Mitt Romney: Arrogance, belligerence, chauvinism, the ABC of a Failure

I have always been suspicious of women whose dogs come up to me and start licking my legs.  When it comes to wannabe politicians who issue veiled threats to an absent third party to gain points, as Mitt Romney did with "Mr. Putin", then it is the sign of a nasty, cowardly, little and sinister man.

"Under my administration, our friends will see more loyalty, and Mr. Putin will...


Venezuela: accident or sabotage?

by Emanuel Cancella*

In the first place, the incident highlights the risks the oil workers are exposed to. Those who work in the oil sector, through their labor unions, are always collecting security policies to ensure the health and physical integrity of both workers and the residents who live around the refineries and factories.  

In Venezuela, like Brazil our guidelines...