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Twenty Lies About the Iraq War

By Glen Rangwala

by Glen Rangwala and Raymond Whitacker

Falsehoods ranging from exaggeration to plain untruth were used to make the case for war. More lies are being used in the aftermath

1 Iraq was responsible for the 11 September attacks

A supposed meeting in Prague between Mohammed Atta, leader of the 11 September hijackers, and an Iraqi intelligence official...


Los Autodesignados Líderes Judíos Están Completamente Dementes

por Horse237

Los judíos no practican la democracia en su toma interna de decisiones. Y, ya que ellos han gobernado los asuntos de Europa y Estados Unidos al menos desde la Primera guerra Mundial, usted no vive en una democracia. Los líderes de ellos son vuestros líderes, de manera que usted tiene que entender cómo los judíos seleccionan a sus propios líderes. Los...


MI6 and CIA were told before invasion that Iraq had no active WMD

BBC's Panorama reveals fresh evidence that agencies dismissed intelligence from Iraqi foreign minister and spy chief

Richard Norton-Taylor

Fresh evidence is revealed today about how MI6 and the CIA were told through secret channels by Saddam Hussein's foreign minister and his head of intelligence that Iraq had no active weapons of mass destruction.

Tony Blair told...


The Iraq War Fiasco, Ten Years Later

By Prof Rodrigue Tremblay

“International law? I better call my lawyer; he didn’t bring that up to me.George W. Bush (1946- ), U.S. president (2001-2009), (December 12, 2003)

“I told George Bush as early as August 2002, during a meeting in Detroit, that we would support him if he receives the authorization from the UN. —I told him: ‘To have the backing of ...


FUKUS (France-UK-US): Neo-Imperialistic trash

Why is it that France, from time to time, gets ideas above its station? Why is it that French Presidents, increasingly, start acting like failed Napoleons? Why is it that British Prime Ministers, while acting like war criminals, like to emulate the arch-war criminal, Churchill? Read on...

It is common knowledge that Napoleon, that French abomination who failed in his murderous...