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BANG: Not Zika: Brazilian/Argentine doctors say: pesticides

by Jon Rappoport 

BANG: Not Zika: Brazilian/Argentine doctors say: pesticides

Why would a poisonous, birth-defect-causing chemical cause birth defects? I mean, that’s absurd, right? Ridiculous. Let’s blame the whole thing on a virus that causes nothing.

A poison intentionally added to the water supply in 2014? Who cares? Means nothing.

The manufacturer of the...


Cancer and pesticides: victims fight for justice

Diana Smith

4th February, 2010 http://www.theecologist.org

Paul François says he is lucky to be alive. In April 2004, he went to clean out what he thought was the empty tank in his agricultural spraying machine. When he opened the cap, noxious fumes of some remaining pesticides escaped. He was not wearing a mask and therefore breathed in a lungful. Immediately admitted to ...


Novel nanoparticle made of common mineral may help keep tumor growth at bay

By Beth Miller

Engineers at Washington University in St. Louis found a way to keep a cancerous tumor from growing by using nanoparticles of the main ingredient in common antacid tablets.

The research team, led by Avik Som, an MD/PhD student, and Samuel Achilefu, PhD, professor of radiology and of biochemistry & molecular biophysics in the School of Medicine and of...



Enviado por Jesús Pérez

El virus Zika es una “cortina de humo” lanzada por el CDC de Atlanta y la OMS

¿Cómo nos pueden demostrar que los virus humanos existen y contagian? ¿Qué pruebas aportan?

Las teorías de la conspiración resultan tan eficaces porque dan la apariencia de ser infalibles, con la única intención de tapar la ineptitud en las...


¿Se trata del virus Zika… o de pesticidas y malformaciones congénitas?

Fuente: Cal Crilly

Traducción: Ser y Actuar

Aunque, y lo recalco, no se ha establecido un vínculo de causa-efecto entre la infección por Zika en el embarazo y la microcefalia, la evidencia circunstancial lo sugiere, y es preocupante en extremo”, dijo Margaret Chan, Directora General de la OMS, según informó la agencia Reuters.

“Un incremento en...


Is it Zika 'Virus' or Pesticides and Birth Defects?

Cal Crilly

"Although a causal link between Zika infection in pregnancy and microcephaly has not, and I must emphasize, has not been established, the circumstantial evidence is suggestive and extremely worrisome," WHO Director-General Margaret Chan said, reported by Reuters. "An increased occurrence of neurological symptoms, noted in some countries coincident with arrival of...