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Jared Kushner Denied Access To State Secrets

General John Kelly, Secretary General of the White House, has suspended the accreditation to access to State Secrets, granted to Jared Kushner, Donald Trump’s Special Adviser.Although the US Press presents this issue by evoking the judicial woes of President Trump’s son-in-law, they are unaware of the reasons for this decision.

It seems that some members of the...


Media React to Russian Super-Weapons

By Stephen Lendman

Western media reacted as expected to Putin’s state of the nation address, explaining new Russian super-weapons.

The NYT headlined “Putin’s ‘Invincible’ Missile Is Aimed at US Vulnerabilities,” saying:

Putin “threatened the West with a new generation of nuclear weapons Thursday…sharply escalat(ing) the military invective in the tense...


The Vitamin D Factor - Evidence of Inverse Relationship between Sun Exposure and All-Cause Mortality

by Paul Anthony Taylor

A new scientific review (The Winding Path Towards an Inverse Relationship Between Sun Exposure and All-cause Mortality) examines the growing evidence of an inverse relationship between levels of sun exposure and all-cause mortality.  

Published in the International Journal of Cancer Research and Treatment (IJCRT), the paper notes that women with ...


Sección humor: EE.UU. acusa a otros países de intervenir en América Latina

No generalizo, pero la mayoría de los estadounidenses siempre han sido así, cínicos, mentirosos, idiotas y prepotentes, por eso ellos mismos se reflejan con los estereotipos al estilo de Homero Simpson y Peter Griffin.




La OTAN y las bombas atómicas no son temas electorales

por Manlio Dinucci 

Los debates de la campaña electoral abordan la cuestión del papel de la Unión Europea, pero nadie habla del papel de la OTAN a pesar de que esas dos organizaciones son las dos caras –una civil y la otra militar– de la misma moneda. Tanto mejor para el Pentágono estadounidense, que así tiene el camino abierto para seguir adelante con su propia ...


Nato and nukes are not electoral themes

by Manlio Dinucci 

During the election period the Italian Government remains in charge only for the «handling of current affairs». Nevertheless it is about to take on other binding commitments in NATO on behalf of Italy.These commitments will be officialized in the North Atlantic Council, taking place in Brussels on February14-15 at a defense ministers’ level. (Roberta...


Israel and America’s Planned Invasion of Lebanon for Gas

Cal Crilly

In the last few weeks Lebanon has been negotiating deals to exploit newly discovered gas fields offshore while the Israeli government has been responding with threats so violently extreme the world should take note.

As reported…

“Lebanon's President Michel Aoun warned Monday that Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman's remarks on an offshore gas...


Trump, el Gorbachov estadounidense

por Thierry Meyssan 

Desde el fin de la Unión Soviética, la política de Estados Unidos ha sido el resultado de una lucha entre dos escuelas, estima Thierry Meyssan. De un lado están los partidarios de la prosperidad, del otro los del imperialismo. Se trata, en suma, de un combate entre el Dinero y el Poder. Esa oposición se reproduce en el seno de cada partido ...


Trump, the US version of Gorbatchev

by Thierry Meyssan 

For Thierry Meyssan, the policy of the United States since the fall of the Soviet Union has been a combat between two schools of thought. On one side, the partisans of prosperity, and on the other, the partisans of imperialism. Money or Power. This cleavage exists within each party, Republican and Democrat. However, time flies, and the United States is now...


Dangerous Scenario: “America First” Confronts “China First”

By Manlio Dinucci

President Trump disembarked from the helicopter at the World Economic Forum in Davos. Here, preceded by the brass players of the orchestra of Friborg, he announced that «The world is witnessing the resurgence of a strong and prosperous America», thanks to the tax cuts and reforms implemented by his administration on the principle of «America First», that...