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Margaret Thatcher’s criminal legacy

Finian Cunningham

Hours after the death of former British prime minister Margaret Thatcher, the history books are being re-written and the beatification of the Iron Lady is well underway.

Current British premier David Cameron praised Lady Thatcher for having “saved Britain” and for making the has-been colonial power “great again”.

Tributes poured forth from...


Transsexual pornography 'downloaded at the Vatican'

By John Hall

Transsexual pornography has been downloaded using computers based in the Vatican City, it has been claimed.

 number of films, including several transsexual adult movies, were discovered on a list of torrents that the TorrentFreak.com website claimed had been downloaded on computers within in the tiny city-state.

The website had set out to see if anyone in...


CIA contribuye al envío de armas a los Contras en Siria

La Agencia Central de Inteligencia de EE.UU. (CIA, por sus siglas en inglés) apoya el envío de armas a los grupos armados que operan en Siria, ha informado este lunes el diario The New York Times.

De acuerdo con ese informe, la CIA facilita las compras de armas de los países árabes y Turquía para equipar a los Contras que perpetran actos de terrorismo en Siria, así como...


From the Cold War to Korea...Western lies

Western diplomacy is based upon lies, more lies, and yet more lies, a manipulation of the truth, half-truths, a cynical representation of manipulated facts, screenshots, sound-bites and video clips to sway public opinion, while the lobbies do what they do to grab what they want and nobody bats an eyelid.

Remember President Ahmadi-Nejád of Iran threatening to wipe Israel off...


EE.UU. e Israel: guerra total contra Siria

Estados Unidos, el régimen de Israel y sus aliados han emprendido una guerra global contra Siria, denunció el viernes el ministro del Interior de Siria, Mohamad Ibrahim al-Shaar.   

En un encuentro con los comandantes de la Policía en la provincia costera de Latakia, sita en el oeste del país árabe, Al-Shaar insistió en que “el Occidente está financiando y armando a...


Never Again?

by Jolly Roger

Over the last two thousand years, the Jews have been expelled from more than a hundred different countries around the world. It would be obviously absurd to claim that all these evicting rulers and peoples, from all these different cultures and centuries, all decided to expel the Jews because they were “anti-Semites”, but instead it would only be sensible...


Israel arresta cada año a 700 niños palestinos acusados de tirar piedras

por  Islam Mar del Plata.

Cada año, entre 500 y 700 niños palestinos de Cisjordania son arrestados e interrogados por las fuerzas israelíes, antes de ser juzgados en juicios militares. La mayor parte están acusados de tirar piedras.

Desde el 2000, alrededor de 7.500 menores palestinos, a partir de los 12 años, han sido detenidos y juzgados por este sistema judicial....


9/11: Illegitimacy of the US Government

By Dr. Kevin Barrett

The absence of crushed-but-intact human bodies, office furniture and equipment, and 50% of the Towers’ mass suggests that the Twin Towers did not collapse – they exploded… This would explain why tiny human bone fragments were discovered scattered all over the roof of the neighboring Deutsche Bank building in 2006.

No simple gravitational...