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Washington Post: EE.UU. tiene planes de bombardear Siria

El Pentágono tiene preparada una serie de "opciones calibradas", entre bombardeos aéreos y envío de tropas, para tomar el control sobre los lugares de almacenamiento de armas químicas en Siria, ha filtrado el diario estadounidense Washington Post.

Al mismo tiempo, el diario detalla que los oficiales no dan los pasos necesarios para llevar estas medidas adelante, debido a...


Galtung: "Los judíos controlan los medios internacionales"

El prominente sociólogo noruego Johan Galtung sostiene que los judíos controlan los medios estadounidenses y de todo el mundo.

El prominente sociólogo noruego Johan Galtung sostiene que los judíos controlan los medios estadounidenses y de todo el mundo.

“Seis compañías encabezadas por judíos controlan el 96% de todos los medios de información”, escribió el...


Not 99%

by Sheila and Dan

It is an insult to anyone seriously removing themselves from tyranny to put  us in league with drooling masses currently paying tribute, working at banks, collecting the government dole, voting for tweedle dee and tweedle dumb. The rest of us have worked hard to break our dependence and that 99% do not deserve the same credit. Those who read into a small...


Obama employee of Zionist entity: Hezbollah

by Cathleen

The Lebonese resistance movement of Hezbollah has condemned Barack Obama’s call for listing the group as a terrorist organization, saying the US president is an “employee of Israel.”

“He speaks like an employee of the Zionist entity (Israel) and not the highest-ranking official in the administration of the independent state that is the United...


50 verdades sobre Henrique Capriles Radonsky, candidato a la presidencia de Venezuela

¿Quién es realmente el candidato que enfrentará a Nicolás Maduro en la elecciones del 14 de abril del 2013?

By Salim Lamrani

Conozca en Opera Mundi más detalles de la trayectoria de Henrrique Capriles, gobernador de Miranda y candidato a las elecciones presidenciales venezolanas del próximo mes.

1. Nacido en 1972, Henrique Capriles Radonsky procede de dos de ...


Obama Talks “Peace” in Israel while Preparing War

By Bill Van Auken

In a speech delivered in Jerusalem on Thursday, US President Barack Obama identified US interests unconditionally with Israel while reiterating war threats against both Syria and Iran.

The speech, delivered to several hundred Israeli university students, was ostensibly meant to signal Washington’s continued support for the so-called “peace...


Obama is Worse than Bush

in Favoring the Super-Elite, Bailing out the Banks and Protecting Financial Criminals

By Washington's Blog


Even Democratic Party Loyalists Starting to Wake Up to the Fact that Obama Is As Bad As Bush … Or Worse


Obama Is Worse than Bush In Favoring the Super-Elite, Bailing Out the Big Banks, Protecting Financial Criminals, Targeting...


Twenty Lies About the Iraq War

By Glen Rangwala

by Glen Rangwala and Raymond Whitacker

Falsehoods ranging from exaggeration to plain untruth were used to make the case for war. More lies are being used in the aftermath

1 Iraq was responsible for the 11 September attacks

A supposed meeting in Prague between Mohammed Atta, leader of the 11 September hijackers, and an Iraqi intelligence official...


Israeli soldier on Facebook: There’s nothing better than a dead Arab

Offensive Facebook comments written by the soldier, as aggregated on the Facebook page of “John Brown.”


An Israeli soldier has written “there is nothing better than a dead Arab” on his Facebook page, the second IDF soldier to post strongly anti-Arab sentiment on social media in as many months.

“The Arabs are the cancer of this...