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Josep Pamies.

¿Porque tanto en el modelo capitalista  como en el socialista o comunista solo se busca el ser líderes en productividad y no en la durabilidad de los bienes de consumo?

¿Porque crear tantos bienes de consumo basura , muchos de ellos innecesarios y programados para no durar?



Cancer Pandemic: Reaping the Seeds of Nuke Tests

By John LaForge

The warnings about fallout from nuclear tests six decades ago often noted that cancers from the radiation would probably not begin appearing in large numbers for many years. But that time is now – and medical experts are wondering whether the surge in some cancers is a result.

Back in the 1950s and 1960s, the Atomic Energy Commission doused the entire...


America, the land of the free – whatever!

By Jim Jones

I was flicking through some News items and came across a small piece, seemingly innocuous. "We Saw a Drone", says pilot above NY City. Initial reaction is - so what? And then the questions started to flow.

So what was a drone doing over the skies in New York? It appears that Alitalia Flight 60U from Rome to NY was at 500 metres and 8 kilometres Southeast of...


No country dares to attack Iran

No country would dare to launch an attack on Iranian territory due to the Persian country's high defense capacity, the Deputy Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Major General, Hussein Saadi Hassani said Monday.

"During the eight years of Holy Defense (Iraqi imposed war on Iran between 1980 and 1988), the enemies saw the great defensive ...


La nueva versión del avión ruso Su-25 aprenderá a contrarrestar a los Patriot

La Fuerza Aérea de Rusia adoptará en 2014 una versión del avión de ataque Su-25 especializada en destruir los sistemas antiaéreos enemigos, tales como el Patriot.

Las pruebas de vuelo de la versión del Su-25 Grach, diseñada para abrir paso al ataque de otros aviones, terminarán en mayo de este año, informó el diario ruso Izvestia remitiéndose a sus fuentes en el mando...


Syria's air defense is key to Assad's courage

Recently, the amount of disinformation around Syria has significantly increased. The goal is to escalate tension and pressure of the atmosphere of fear in the government of Bashar al-Assad who must be forced to make some impulsive step. The position of the Russian leadership is criticized, but this is precisely what does not allow the West to topple Assad. Russia is also...


Russian military hardware best in the world

The global arms market has been growing steadily during the recent years. Russian arms are in high demand on this market, and it is the weapons and equipment of Soviet development that are competitive most. Their performance is even better than that of advanced Western models for certain tasks. In 2012, the Russian Federation has topped the arms export plan.

Russian (Soviet)...


Japan to turn into one giant roller coaster

Japanese engineers have developed a new type of transport that runs on gravity power. Engineers decided to use the idea inherent in roller coasters - a train car with passengers accelerating downhill and gathering energy for the next rise. These trains will have no engines and transmissions, which will greatly reduce their weight.

Japan has rather complex terrain, and is...


DPRK enters space

The Democratic People's Republic of Korea has successfully launched a satellite into space and congratulates itself on becoming another on the members of the international community pursuing a peaceful space programme. The satellite has entered into its planned orbit.

12.12.12. The DPR Korea caps off the year reversing the failure of April when its space launch failed with a...


T-50 (PAK-FA): Estudio australiano coloca al avión ruso por encima del F-35 y el F-22

El T-50 ya coincide por sus bajas posibilidades de ser detectados por radares con el F-22 y el F-35 de EE.UU.

El prototipo de caza furtivo de quinta generación ruso T-50 (PAK-FA) ya coincide por sus bajas posibilidades de ser detectado por radares con los F-22 y F-35 de EE.UU., superándolos en otras características, concluye un informe australiano.

Las características de...