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HAARP accused of manipulating climate and causing natural disasters


Several scientists have supported the theory about the creation of hurricanes and earthquakes by man, indicating that they are actions and projects directed by the secret program HAARP (Frequency Frequency Active Auroral Research Program). According to digital news portal Blasting News, the HAARP project is a mysterious program shared between the United States Naval and Air Force, whose research facilities are in Alaska and cost $ 250 million, something high for the supposed study of the climate.

In 1907 the scientist Nikola Tesla designed the famous Tesla Tower, which generates electromagnetic waves to any part of the ionosphere, bouncing on it and then going to any place on Earth. It was believed at the time that the tower was a climatic weapon, capable of creating tsunamis, however, was never used or at least that is officially said. 

The HAARP project could use the same principles to manipulate the climate, to the extent of creating multiple natural disasters, including earthquakes.

Strange lights during Mexico earthquake 

After 23 hours, an intense earthquake shook the center and south of the country , leaving thousands of Mexicans on alert and worried; but this was not the only disconcerting thing. Moments before the quake, hundreds of witnesses were able to observe strange lights emerge from the night sky, which lasted during the quake and continued after the earthquake. . Many people filmed this phenomenon, which scientists attribute to triboluminicencia, but do not convince many. 

Erathquake Lights 

Mexico has not been the first country, in which these strange lights that match the earthquakes have been observed. In the most recent earthquakes in Chile, China, and the one that devastated Haiti, the same luminescent phenomenon was observed. Does this open the suspicion towards the HAARP project? because when it is in operation, its low frequency waves emit light on contact with the earth, auroras and even change the color of the sky.

Could we call this "coincidence" or maybe there is something else?

The strange lights were not only observed in Mexico, but in Guatemala where the earthquake reached 7.8 °. Some media have tried to attribute these lights to extremely rare natural phenomena, but they have appeared in almost all the earthquakes mentioned above, it seems that the "rare" is becoming conventional. 

HAARP-Hurricane Relation

This project has been blamed on numerous occasions for causing different hurricanes and devastating phenomena in the sea, for example, the "Harvey" hurricanes that devastated Houston , Texas and "Irma" that has been category 5 and one of the most devastating in history.

To this we include the theory of the Japanese physicist Dr. Michio Kaku, who in an interview with CBS spoke about the ability of scientists to modify the climate, alter it and launch it against strategic points of the planet.

What is happening, who is behind this, can scientists and universities err by pointing out that the natural phenomena of the last times are so strange and devastating that they seem anything but natural?





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