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Israeli Election; Fake Democracy


By Dr. Elias Akleh

A lot had been written about last week’s Israeli election. Unfortunately, most of these writings lack real substance and discuss only results, political parties, personality profiles, anticipated future coalition partners, and unrealistic delusional predicted effects on peace process and on the Palestinians. All these writings gave the illusion that Israel is democratic rather than extreme racist theocratic colonial state.

To be democratic a country must have a constitution that regulates the government. Since its illegitimate inception Israel had never established a constitution as demanded by the UN in 1948 as a condition for inclusion in the international organization. Israel’s governmental system is guided and shaped by Judaism; an extremist racist theology based on the ideology of Jews, only, as god’s chosen people in god’s promised land where all goyims (non-Jews) are their slaving donkeys, whose sole purpose of life is to serve the Jews who will live as masters, as the Israeli Sephardic Chief Rabbi Ovadia Yosef boasted. Yosef’s claims did not come from his own personal racism, but from the Jewish Talmud and the distorted Moses’ commandments from god permitting the taking of slaves from other nations (Leviticus 15: 44-46). This reminds me of the racist Nazi ideology of the pure super Arian race, the superiority of the whites over indigenous Indians in the Americas; dubbed as the “New Promised Land” and the superiority of American whites over black African slaves.

With Judaism as the constitution, extremist Judaic Rabbis, like Yosef, control to a great deal Israel’s internal and foreign policies, and manipulate the Israeli social ideologies and civil structures through the control of educational, judicial, and political systems. Israeli schools, especially the religious schools, indoctrinate Jewish children with Yosef’s racist ideologies.

This Israeli theocracy is very racist and color discriminative even amongst Jews themselves. Lately Israelis had mass demonstrations against black immigrants from Africa, many of them happen to be Ethiopian Jews. Israeli demonstrator threatened to murder these black immigrants and to burn their homes, many of whose apartments were firebombed in Jerusalem. Extremist Israelis had also attacked Jewish families who rented for, hired for work, and schooled these immigrants. As much as 40 municipal Rabbis signed a petition demanding the punishment of Jews, who rent homes to gentile immigrants as reported by Jerusalem Post. Ethiopian, Yemeni, and other African black Jews are imported to Israel to be settled in the desert areas so they can work and improve the land, and for their children to serve in the Israeli army. They are not welcomed in the main Israeli cities and are discriminated against.

Instead of punishing perpetrators, who firebombed immigrants’ homes, Netanyahu pledged to eliminate the immigrants’ danger that threatens the Jewish character of the state of Israel. Ili Yishai, an Israeli interior minister and leader of the Shas political party stated: “The Muslim and Christian immigrants think the country does not belong to us, the white man.” It seems that he is ignorant of Israel’s history. Israel was established by Jewish illegal immigrants to Palestine since 1882. To preserve their “Jewish Characteristic” Israel had legislated the toughest anti-emigrant laws in the world in violation of the Refugee Convention. Israel urges other countries to open their borders for immigrants in a first step to ethnic cleanse Palestinians out of Occupied Palestine, and does not permit hundreds of thousands of Palestinians to go back to their place of birth.

The analyses of some Israeli parties in regard to their political inclinations and of the different political views of their leaders is mere nonsense aiming at misguiding the readers and hiding the real issue that Israeli election, similar to the American election, is well planned and controlled by power elites to generate specific outcome. General public is brainwashed and misinformed through huge programs of propaganda. The masses are continuously subjected to misinformation and lies throughout their daily lives and even in their own homes through all media outlets; TV, radios, and newspapers. Huge posters hung on walls instill political messages in the minds of passersby. Political speeches provide empty promises and do not reflect realities. Real issues are never discussed and the voters are left in the dark misguided, confused and uninformed of important specifics.

The squabble of forming political coalitions is more a rivalry and personal greed for power positions. Let us remember that many Israeli leaders had been accused and investigated for bribery, mismanagement, embezzlements, and shady deals with foreign investors. None were sentenced since sentencing one would open the door to sentence everybody else and none would be able to steal again. Besides such a sentence would tarnish Israel’s international reputation.

Benyamin Netanyahu was the subject of many scandals involving his marriage and corruption charges at the end of his first prime ministry in 1997. He was accused of political corruption and influence-peddling. While still a Prime Minister, Netanyahu appointed an attorney general who ruled that there was insufficient evidence for trial. In 1999 Netanyahu was again accused of corruption for $100,000 of free services from a government contractor, but the same attorney general, again, did not prosecute claiming difficulties with evidence. Despite that, Ariel Sharon, as Prime Minister in 2003, gave Netanyahu the position of Finance Minister. Sharon, himself, was also accused of corruption, bribery, and embezzlement. As Finance Minister, Netanyahu subjected Israeli economy to control of foreign investors and foreign banks. Yet he was re-elected as president in 2009 and again in 2013. Such corrupt embezzlers would not get to office again in any other country but only in a country governed by thieves and war criminals like Israel where every other leader is similarly corrupt.

Fear plays a huge role in determining human behavior. Few months before every Israeli election Israeli leaders perpetrate war crimes against Palestinians (December 2008 and November 2012 as examples) raising the fear of Palestinian rockets, Palestinian alleged terrorist attacks, and lately threat of annihilation by alleged Iranian nuclear bomb. Constantly reminding of the Holocaust and the pledged of “never again” (to Jews but to every other nation) every Israeli leader presents herself/himself as the defender of Israeli citizens and assuring security and peace while aiming for more wars with the neighboring countries.

Some wrote about the election in terms of moving to the right or to the left, to religious extremism or to moderate secularism, towards liberalism or even towards centralism. The sad fact is that there is no difference between the political programs of one Israeli party and another. They all follow the same policies seeking the Zionist Dream of building greater Israel. They all supported the 2006 aggression war against Lebanon, the 2008/09 and the 2012 aggression wars against besieged Gaza Strip. They all encourage expansion of illegal colonies (settlements) and support, arm and protect extremist religiously-driven colonists. They are all against the Two-States solution even on only 18% of Palestine proper. They all agreed on erecting the separation wall to protect the Jewish character of the Israeli Jewish population. They all believe in the supremacy of what they believe to be the Jewish race. They all want to annex most of the West Bank to Israel, even by force, and to restrict Palestinians in small Bantustans. They all have disdain to all international and humanitarian laws since they contradict the racist Judaic laws and are willing to violate them all because they believe they are entitled to do what they want since their god had lifted them above all other nations. They all support the ethnic cleansing and the genocide of Palestinians to purge their alleged promised land from the heathen Christian as well as Moslem Palestinians.

Some politicians, as well as some analysts, fool themselves, or may be are fooling others, that the Two-States Solution will have a better chance with the new Israeli government, and that peace negotiations will resume again. They are trying to give the Palestinians a false hope that negotiations will resume and would lead to a Palestinian State, while in the same time the Israeli government is annexing more Palestinian land and constructing more colonies that block any possibility for a Palestinian State. The Two-States Solution was a stillborn idea since the beginning of its inception.

Yet some naïve wishful-thinking writers hope that the newly formed Israeli government might show more flexibility in peace negotiations with the Palestinians. They claim that the newly formed “Yesh Atid” (There Is a Future) party, which secured nineteen seats in the next Knesset making it the second largest party in Israel, could play an important role in the formation of the next governing coalition. The party’s leader, Yair Lapid, a media celebrity, is mistakenly viewed as a centrist, who might ameliorate the new government’s approach towards Palestinians. In fact Lapid is as Zionist as Netanyahu. Lapid chose the illegal colony of Ariel to unveil his foreign policy platform. He declared that “Israel must at last get rid of the Palestinians and put a fence between us,” Lapid supports the construction of more colonies and he chose to launch his political campaign from Ariel because “there is no map on which Ariel isn’t a part of the state of Israel” he claimed.

Israeli elections had always been only about who will be more brutal against the Palestinians, who will build more colonies, who will violate more international laws, and who will attack Southern Lebanon and the Gaza Strip with more brutal weapons. Murdering Palestinians had always been an election propaganda campaign for Israeli politicians. Palestinians are usually attacked by the Israeli forces before every Israeli election. The wars on Gaza in 2008 and 2012 are just the latest examples.

Wars in the Middle Eastern region are the main driving force for the Israeli governments. In his election victory speech Netanyahu expressed his obsession with Iran by hinting strongly at possible military action to stop Iran from developing its atomic bomb. He stated that preventing Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons would be the main challenge for a new government. A challenge that started with moving Iron Dome missile batteries north closer to Syrian borders under the allegation of concerns over Syrian chemical weapons according to Monday’s Jerusalem Post. Syria has a defense pact with Iran, who considers any attack on Syria is an attack on Iran.





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