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Missing folate genes and AIDS?


Cal Crilly

In particular, the C677T polymorphism shows a wide regional and ethnic variation. Homozygosity (TT) among Whites is 6-14%. In African populations and in Blacks living outside of Africa such as in Brazil and in the United States, the frequency falls to less than 2% for the TT variant. The prevalence rises in Mediterranean and Hispanic population. For example, among Hispanics in prevalence ranges as high as 21%.  Northern China and Japan show an 18 and 12% prevalence respectively" MTHFR Mutation: A Missing Piece in the Chronic Disease Puzzle

Many Hispanics, Caucasians and Jewish Ashkenazis can be missing the folate processing genes MTHFR1 and C677T, in general Westerners eat enough good food and don't get low levels of folate leading to health problems but if you take party drugs or any doctor drugs, the liver can't break down the drugs due to the lower folate and you get nutrient loss which leads to genome hypomethylation and this makes the genes switch on and retroviruses appear in our our DNA. Africans don't have the folate gene loss but they have blood differences in HLA antigens and Sickle Cell, the iron overload can also cause inflammation and retroviral expression.

Iron overload causes more serious infections than any 'retrovirus' due to feeding any opportunistic infections because all pathogens, bacteria like Tuberculosis, fungi and parasites like malaria love iron.
Recent discoveries into hepcidin, an iron regulating hormone that acts as an antibiotic by keeping iron in macrophages and used by the body show just how important iron regulation is with infections.
Iron status is an important treatment question in asking "do we need to keep the iron in the blood for this patient to breathe before this infection and other normal resident bugs choke the person to death."
Africans also can get serious immune problems from lack of sun in the Northern hemisphere as sun creates Vitamin D which is needed for immune cell activation, people with darker skin or autoimmune diseases simply need more sun to get vitamin D. Many South Africans are also Vitamin D deficient during winter there.
So many times anyone who goes into hospital loses adequate sunlight for vitamin D and their immune systems fail. A certain amount of Hispanics, some Asians, Caucasians and Jews can get genome changes from the loss of folate which create a constant inflammation and retroviral expression if folate is not in the diet. Africans also starve and get nutrient loss of things like Selenium from low protein intake and folate which in the end bring on the same retroviral expression and hyperthroid wasting diseases from lack of selenium.
On the other side of the equation the CD4 T-cell death can easily be blamed on corticosteroid use after lung inflammation and this can be a cause of pneumonia.
"The cause of Kaposi's Sarcoma was originally in men who had used poppers and then were given high doses of corticosteroids for inflammation, the reason for the entire immune failure seen in AIDS can be traced back to corticosteroids.

The Hemophiliacs were already being treated with corticosteroids for Factor VIII allergies so have always had immune problems."

The Viral Load

The p24 in gallo's study was related to tumours, this study below was a few months before he declared 'HIV' to be the probable cause of AIDS at a press conference, just remember that no theory in recent science has ever been released at a press conference without peer review. There simply was no peer review of Gallo's theories so they have no credibility until journals accept and publish and argue about the critical views of HIV/AIDS of which there are many and the alternative views are countless.
HIV/AIDS got past the normal checks to prevent rampant speculation in science, in the case of HIV/AIDS it turned into a voodoo business of billions in dollars of failed cures and questionable tests.
This information below should be of serious interest to any professional as well, take these things seriously, the present treatment paradigm on AIDS is all about some incredible poisons, knowing genetics differences and ways to address them could save your patients.
"The amount of complex-bound p24 in sequential serum samples correlated roughly with tumour cell mass." Demonstration of viral antigen p24 in circulating immune complexes of two patients with human T-cell leukaemia/lymphoma virus (HTLV) positive lymphoma Feb 1984 now forward to research now... Hypomethylation of DNA means genes don't methylate, methylation nutrients are Selenium, Folate, B12, B6, Choline as most important, any deficiencies of Selenium, Folate and B12 in particular can cause hypomethylation which leaves the genes without a methyl group and some genes switch on, for example this happens in a mother when pregnant, the cells of a fetus hypomethylate as in they open up, grow and then remethylate to finish the cell growing process.
Reproductive tissue is hypomethylating more hence we find more retroviruses.
In cancer lack of methylation means the cells grow and grow without nutrient checks and genome balances. This is why retroviruses appear with fetal growth, demethylation is making them do things with cell growth, vitamin A is vital for natural demethylation but too much causes defects because it causes hypomethylation and opens up the genes without closing them again.
Vitamin D is a partner in Vitamin A effects on cell growth so diet and chemical or radiation exposures to cells affect the genome.
AZT causes hypermethylation but this is a risk for worsening tumour growth too as tumor suppressing genes get switched off but the hypermethylation stops reverse transcriptase to keep doctors happy and it is really a DNA breaking drug so not even an antiretroviral.
AZT and Nevirapine just kill and mutates cells. Selenium, Folate, B12, B6, Choline create S-Adenosylmethionine which methylates and can do the same as AZT but safely. Tumour cells are full of retroviruses because they are growing cells. Here in the study below they exposed mice to some poison to make their genome hypomethylate and made retroviruses come out of their DNA Activation and transposition of endogenous retroviral elements in hypomethylation induced tumors in mice.
Here they used S-Adenosylmethionine to reverse hypomethylation and inhibit cancer growth. Remember Selenium, Folate, B12, B6, Choline decide the amounts of S-Adenosylmethionine in the body and so we have our own possible dietary intervention for cancer and depression and others especially in people missing folate genes. Never use Folic acid supplements though as they can make cancer worse, just vegetables for folate or look up foods with folate. S-Adenosylmethionine Inhibits the Growth of Cancer Cells by Reversing the Hypomethylation Status of c-myc and H-ras in Human Gastric Cancer and Colon Cancer Any lack of S-Adenosylmethionine causes hypomethylation and expression of retroviruses like HERV-K. "HERV-K-env transcripts were detected in several breast cancer cell lines and breast tumor tissues but not in nonmalignant breast tissues [21]. The expression of HERV-K-env transcripts was 5- to 10-fold higher in breast cancer cell lines that were treated with estradiol and progesterone, relative to untreated cells. HERV-K-env expression was significantly higher in most breast cancer tissues than in normal breast tissues" Human Endogenous Retrovirus (HERV-K) Reverse Transcriptase as a Breast Cancer Prognostic Marker
HERV-K is like HIV
"Human endogenous retroviruses (HERV) are remnants of ancestral retroviral infections integrated into the germ line, and constitute approximately 8% of the genome. Several autoimmune disorders, malignancies, and 'infectious diseases' (presumption) such as HIV-1 are associated with higher HERV expression. The degree to which HERV expression in vivo results in persistent inflammation is not known. We studied the association of immune activation and HERV-K expression in 20 subjects with chronic, untreated progressive HIV-1 infection and 10 HIV-1 negative controls. The mean HERV-K gag and env RNA expression level in the HIV-1 infected cohort was higher than in the control group" Human Endogenous Retrovirus Expression Is Inversely Associated with Chronic Immune Activation in HIV-1 Infection The persistent inflammation is most likely from homocysteine levels and inflammation is also a part of new cell growth.. So now I'll mention MTHFR1 genes and why they are so important if missing. "variant genotype in the MTHFR gene and low folate intake showed relationships with decreased global methylation" said in the study below means the people missing these folate processing genes have DNA hypomethylation occurring and by default retroviruses may express, we still don't know what retroviruses exact functions are as yet but they will appear. "Hypomethylation lead to a significant 1.6-fold increased risk for disease (95% confidence interval, 1.1-2.4), in models controlled for other HNSCC (head and neck cancer) risk factors. Smoking showed a significant differential effect (P < 0.03) on blood relative methylation between cases and controls. Furthermore, in cases, variant genotype in the MTHFR gene and low folate intake showed relationships with decreased global methylation"

Global DNA Methylation Level in Whole Blood as a Biomarker in Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma

So people missing the folate processing gene MTHFR get decreased methylation if they don't eat enough folate, simply drinking alcohol can bring on the retroviruses, any exposure to other drugs can as well.

Inflammation is part and parcel of new cell growth because the cell damage causes inflammation and new growth, everything that is anti-inflammatory is anti-HIV and also an antiviral in many cases.

The catch 22 is that CD4 T-cells cause the very same inflammation which causes cell growth and retroviruses to appear.

To say the entity HIV to be the cause of T-cell death is adding 2 + 2 into the wrong sum.

The retroviruses are appearing with new cell growth because the T-cells have gathered at a site of cell inflammation and are sending out signals via cytokines to other immune cells to clear up the mess and fix the damage with new cells.

It's all jumbled together, damage, cells dying, being removed, new cells plugging the gaps.

All of HIV/AIDS is about structure of the body and changes we don't understand yet but we treat our own living tissue as pathogens.

And we poison ourselves.

Here is a study on Jewish people missing MTHFR1 genes, when they say "this reaction" they are talking about a step in methylation and the lack of a Folate gene lowers S-adenosylmethionine, the comment about lipid methylation is also important because the lack of methylation in lipids means the body can react to oxidised fats and create the sort of antibodies that cross react with the HIV antibody test.

The oxidised fats from lack of lipid methylation also causes dysfunctional to lipid rafts and the immune system.

"An increase in homocysteine" is accompanied by inflammation.

"This reaction is important for the synthesis of S-adenosylmethionine (SAM), the major intracellular methyl donor for DNA, protein, and lipid methylation reactions [2,3]. Reduced MTHFR activity results in an increased requirement for folic acid to maintain normal homocysteine remethylation to methionine. In the absence of sufficient folic acid, intracellular homocysteine accumulates, methionine resynthesis is reduced, and essential methylation reactions are compromised. An increase in homocysteine and a decrease in methionine result in a decreased ratio of SAM to S-adenosylhomocysteine (SAH), which has been associated with DNA hypomethylation"

Identification of 677C?T Mutation of the Methylenetetrahydrofolate Reductase (MTHFR) Gene in Blood Sample

"Reduced MTHFR activity (in the Jewish subjects) results in an increased requirement for folic acid ( they need more folate) to maintain normal homocysteine remethylation to methionine. In the absence of sufficient folic acid, intracellular homocysteine accumulates (causing inflammation), methionine resynthesis is reduced, and essential methylation reactions are compromised."

Essential methylation reactions are needed to keep the retroviruses dormant.

HIV is an example.

 "However, the role of DNA methylation in the control of HIV-1 latency has never been unambiguously demonstrated, in contrast to the apparent importance of transcriptional interference and chromatin structure, and has never been studied in HIV-1-infected patients."

"In the latent reservoir of HIV-1-infected individuals without detectable plasma viremia, we found HIV-1 promoters and enhancers to be hypermethylated (the methylation kept them dormant) and resistant to reactivation, as opposed to the hypomethylated 5? LTR in viremic patients." (the hypomethylation gave them a viral load or viremia)

CpG Methylation Controls Reactivation of HIV from Latency

"the role of DNA methylation has never been studied in HIV-1-infected patients"  that was a 2009 study so we are only on the cusp of even thinking about using the methylation nutrients Selenium, Folate, B12, B6, Choline to make S-Adenosylmethionine and prevent genome hypomethylation to control our retroviruses.

Folate and B12 loss affects platelet formation in hemophilia and are the main anemia co-factors too so you see any lack of these methylation nutrients can make our retroviruses express, with either anemia or iron overload.

Hemophiliacs may unfortunately be expressing retroviruses anyway due to low Folate and B12.

And many hemophiliacs may simply be missing these folate genes.

The HIV/AIDS 'misunderstanding' began because Richard Nixon gave people like Gallo lots of money in his famous "War on Cancer" which went nowhere.

Robert Gallo found his cancer viruses in the form of retroviruses but they didn't always infect other cells or tissue.

If cells or tissue cultures are hypomethylating the retroviruses can jump into the DNA but this is not an infection.

Retroviruses are not pathogens thinking to themselves "Oh I'll jump on this sperm and travel from Africa to Haiti onto New York and San Francisco and I'll find some gays to infect".

All of this is imaginary bias on the behalf of scientists.

8% of our DNA is retrovirus on the last count.

They add in numbers like 40 million infected with AIDS retroviruses in Sub-Saharan Africa because that's their own racist bias, the numbers do not add up, people are already crawling with retroviruses, this is all cashing in on fear of the unknown.

The monkeys infected with AIDS blood are still alive.

All of the HIV antigens appear in most diseases and are in all sorts of animals, fungi etc.

Every single HIV sequence is different to the other.

The viral load and reverse transcriptase appear with tumours and fetuses and in normal placentas.

CD4 cells respond to oxidised fats and oxidised fats also cause T-cells apoptosis but cholesterol raises T-cells.

There were 2 waves of poisoning in the gays, the first was because a giant party with lots of drugs had happened in the late 70's and because the gay ghettoes were surrounded by the Reagan government's America any party liver damage or infections were treated with seriously dangerous experimental medication even before AIDS happened or AZT was allowed.

The gay community were also sold Hot Oil sexual lubricants with a level of Benzene that the FDA quietly lowered years after the epidemic of poisoning had got into full swing.

Benzene causes leukemia, HIV is a leukemia retrovirus according to Gallo but all people with leukemia have retroviruses anyway.

The poppers gays use as sexual stimulants cause thymus atrophy and hence no T-cells can be made, cocaine does the same.

Benzene is still in the sexual lubricants but at lower levels.

The second wave was caused by AZT, the dose from 1987 to 1990 was high dose AZT monotherapy at 1000-1200mg a day.

Almost everyone died on it.

When they lowered the dose of AZT even further from 600 to 300g after the 1993 Berlin Conference it was because they knew they had killed lots of people.

What they did was jumble a few new chemicals together to stop reverse transcriptase and cell growth and called it HAART.

The essential difference is the AZT dose has been lowered so people now live longer and but still get poisoned slowly.

They are talking about lowering the dose of AZT further.

That is why the death rate reduced with the introduction of HAART and it works by being poisonous enough to bugs it kills them anyway.

Whereas iron status in AIDS patients is the clear predictor of whether they will live or die.

Step back and the entire thing is a train crash.

And some people missing a few genes may have got caught in the wreckage.

Helical Sun




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