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Never Again?


by Jolly Roger

Over the last two thousand years, the Jews have been expelled from more than a hundred different countries around the world. It would be obviously absurd to claim that all these evicting rulers and peoples, from all these different cultures and centuries, all decided to expel the Jews because they were “anti-Semites”, but instead it would only be sensible to look toward the Jews themselves for a possible motive for these drastic measures, and in fact, common sense demands it.

First consider that it’s no easy decision or task for any nation to force a segment of their population to pack up and leave, and in the case of the Jewish expulsions, we’re talking about nations who had already accepted their transient and ghettoized presence. If anything resembling “anti-Semitism” were the reason for their expulsion, they never would have been allowed to reside there in the first place. I believe we can logically conclude that the Jews have been thrown out of a hundred different nations as a result of actions taken by themselves, which actions they continually repeat, and that these same actions are among those that the rest of the human race finds intolerably offensive.   

If common logic dictates that you accept this without accusing me of being an “anti-Semite”, or a “neo-Nazi”, then we may be able to discover exactly why the Jews have been so expelled, and hopefully find a solution to a problem rather than finding a deeper place to bury it. Naturally, this must begin by identifying the aforementioned offensive behaviors, and from there we’ll look for a cause, and then hopefully find a solution.

The most common reasons for the Jewish expulsions were usury, and ritual murder, or a combination of the two. Usury we’re all familiar with, and are suffering the cruel lessons of right now. Ritual murder (the “blood libel”) is well documented in a multitude of records from various courts around the world. It’s not “libel”. It’s history.

So what might cause people to behave in this fashion toward their fellow man? I ask because I’ve never known any desire to fleece anyone of everything they own, or drain the blood of their children, and I believe that most people feel the same way. The force which prevents most of us from ever even considering acts of this nature is our conscience. We feel empathy toward our fellow man, and this makes us loathe to inflict undeserved pain or suffering upon him, and we’re conversely angered when someone inflicts it upon us. The retribution for the commission of such acts is what we call “justice”, which assuages our anger.

That being the case, the next logical question would ask “do Jews lack a conscience which would prevent them inflicting cruelty upon others?”

One place to look for an answer is in who you yourself might inflict wonton cruelty upon without feeling any remorse. Wouldn’t it have to be a being that you felt was your inferior, like a swatted insect, or a trapped mouse? You can kill without remorse as long as you feel no kinship toward the victim. You can enslave dogs to pull sleds, and condition them to be happy for doing it. You can kill an animal for a meal, because that’s how we all survive, but like anything else that lives and kills, the assault is always upon an “inferior” species, and therein lies the reason Jews can so remorselessly attack the rest of humanity, and why they’ve spent ions doing so. They view gentiles as being less than human, much in the way armies train soldiers to view their enemy, which makes them easier to kill.

The reason Jews can attack the rest of us as they do stems from their religion and culture, both of which propagate the myth of Jewish superiority. It has nothing to do with race or ethnicity, or any other condition of their birth. It is solely the result of what they consciously choose to teach their children, which lessons have put them at odds many times with the rest of the human race, and are very close to putting them there again. And since it is the result of conscious choice, it can be changed by decision, and will. If they worked as hard to change their own culture as they do everyone else’s, the last two thousand years would have been a lot nicer for all involved parties, and before I hear anymore crying about “two thousand years of suffering”, I have to wonder if they didn’t deserve every minute of it. And please don’t forget that much of the Jews’ collective suffering was bought and paid for by members of their own tribe.

The myth of Jewish superiority is promoted not only through religion and culture, but lately has expanded to media propaganda, and since this alleged superiority seems to be at the root of the problem, it should be addressed. To begin with, the Jewish state of Israel has an average I.Q. of 90, and centuries of inbreeding has resulted in Jews suffering twice the number of birth defects as the rest of the human race. This isn’t exactly the breeding grounds for superiority, so many Jews point to their dominance in business, academia, and medicine as evidence, but unfortunately, their dominance in those fields is more evidence of the problem rather then something they should look to with pride.

To understand this, we have to understand what it means to be a “good Jew”. We’re not talking about a gentile’s definition, but instead we need to understand why that label would be applied by one Jew to another, or how it’s defined in Jewish culture.

A “good Jew” always puts another Jew before a gentile in situations of employment, promotions, college admissions, loan applications, and legal matters, and will always try to help another Jew, even to the extent of helping to cover up his crimes. Their culture insures eventual dominance via their universal ethic requiring them to show preference to one of their own in all situations, and belief in their superiority justifies their unfairness to everyone else. By always putting another Jew first, and having no concern for the fate of gentiles, they have over decades of relentlessly scratching upward and savagely crushing all in their path, become dominant in any field of their choosing.

We don’t have so many Jewish doctors because Jews are smarter. We have lousy medical care because a Jew’s main concern is promoting another Jew rather than someone more qualified, and the same is true in all Jewish-dominated segments of our society. We have lousy TV, bad movies, poisonous medicine, a lying “news” industry, blackmailed politicians, uneducated students, and ruthless, crooked bankers peddling counterfeit money. All of this is the result of the Jews having their own society within ours that operates by a completely different set of rules and morals than the rest of us. And by ruthlessly conspiring to eliminate all gentile competition by constantly banding together to promote their tribesmen, they’ve scratched their way to a point where they now control much of our world.

Of course I’m not talking about all Jewish people. Many people of Jewish descent have shaken off their ancient culture long ago, and have raised families of high moral fiber, whose actions are guided by the same conscience and the same definitions of right and wrong as the rest of us. That would be a gentile’s definition of a “good Jew”, and there are many of them.

It is to the gentile’s good Jews that I make my appeal. I think most of you understand that anti-Semitism is and always has been a product, and tool of the Zionists. They control the Jewish people using the same fear tactics they use to control any other population. You’ve been conditioned since birth to believe that all gentiles hate you because you’re Jewish, and that your only safety lies in the proximity of other Jews.

This is, of course, ridiculous. Nobody hates you because you’re Jewish. Nobody even cares that you’re Jewish, until you help cover up the same crimes that have angered your host populations for ions. People are hated for what they do, and if you cover up the crimes for another person, Jewish or not, you too are guilty of that crime, and that law is ancient. Jews have been persecuted en masse when they’ve acted en masse to cover up the crimes of another Jew. Do you really think no one notices that most of the “9-11 Truth movement” is now led by Jews trying to blame 9-11 on anyone but Israel? Or that the entire gun control/genocide movement just happens to be Jewish?

Most people usually work to get along, simply because it’s easier than fighting, and most hatred and racial strife is created by governments and other politically motivated organizations to suit their own ends. Such is the case with anti-Semitism. It’s a useful tool of the Zionists, but it will only hurt the Jewish people who believe it exists if it induces them to help cover up the crimes. We need Jewish heroes with the morality and courage of Benjamin Freedman to expose Zionist crimes, because any attack from an outsider usually works to help conceal them. Good Jews have to expose the bad ones, if for no other reason than to show the world that all Jews aren’t guilty. End the persecution by ending the lies, or you’ll probably get yourselves expelled from this country too.       — Jolly Roger

“Let no guilty man escape, if it can be avoided. No personal considerations should stand in the way of performing a public duty.”  —  Ulysses S. Grant

Anything written by Jolly Roger is the property of the American people, and the author hereby grants permission to post, copy, or distribute this article in its entirety anywhere you choose to. – J.R.



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