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NGO says boycott will cripple Israel's economy


MALACCA: A boycott on Israeli products and businesses would devastate the zionist regime's economy, thus weakening its aggression on the people of Palestine.

Palestinian Cultural Organisation, Malaysia, chairman Muslim Abu Umar said doing so is a vital fight that the international community can participate in defending the Palestinians against the "bullets" of the zionist regime.

"Economy is vital for Israel to grow, especially its weaponary, so when the economy is weakened we believe the weaponary will be weakened and this means less aggression towards Palestine," he told Bernama.

Muslim said a full international boycott involving various important sectors will isolate Israel from the rest of the world and exert pressure on the zionist regime to stop the apartheid towards the Palestinians.

Malaysian Muslim Consumer Association secretary-general Datuk Dr Ma'mor Osman said that as the Palestinian crisis is not a one or two-day crisis, it shouldn't be a matter of boycotting Israel only when it is attacking Palestine.

"As long as Palestine is not free from Israel's grip, we must continue the boycott," he said.

Biro Antarabangsa Pertubuhan Pribumi Perkasa Malaysia bureau chairman Datuk Mustapha Yaakub felt that there is a need for collaboration among Islamic countries.

"There are about 300 million Muslims in the Southeast Asian region who can depress if not cripple Israel's economy," he said.

Meanwhile, in Kuala Lumpur, Khalil Majeed reports that the Myanmar Ethnic Rohingyas Human Rights Organisation Malaysia today handed over a memorandum to the United Nations calling on it to intervene in Palestine and Myanmar.

Its president, Zafar Ahmad Abdul Ghani, said such aggression contravenes international laws and conventions.

"Please send peacekeeping forces to Palestine and to the Rohingyas," he told reporters after handing the memorandum to the UN security adviser to Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei, Devendra Patel, who said he would forward it to the UN headoffice in New York.

The memorandum called on the UN to take action against crimes committed against the Rohingyas by the Myanmar government and Israel for their aggression against the Palestinians.


Yes I support the boycott against the terrorist country called Israel.


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