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Plumpy'nut and the greed.


Emanuel Pechir.

Four years ago some people received information from a great scientist, which I will not say his name for respect of his anonymity, about a therapeutic food called Plumpy’nut; the product is manufactured by the French company "Nutriset".

Plumpy'nut is made of peanut paste, which the company holds the patent of the product, and of course Nutriset wants to protect their interests, arguing that the patent must be protected to ensure the production of this food.

The advantages of Plumy'nut are that is made with peanut butter, vegetable oil, powdered sugar, powdered milk, has a good source of different vitamins and a wide variety of minerals, phosphorus, zinc, potassium, copper, iodine, selenium, sodium, calcium, etc. The product doesn’t require any preparation or refrigeration and has two years of life, which makes it a practical and very complete food for people in countries where famine is common.

While nothing replaces a normal diet and every person in the world would have the universal right to adequate and healthy nutrition, to cover all the nutritional needs, the fact is that Plumpy'nut has proven be effective to combat malnutrition, even more so considering that approximately 25,000 children die every day in the planet from starvation, the benefits of this food are scientifically proven, it appears to be a good palliative and which of course has saved the lives of thousands of children in Africa.


But this economic system that rules the world promotes greed, dehumanization, puts in the first place economic interests before everything, and the case of Plumpy'nut is another example of why this system is a disaster, the French company protecting their interests against other organizations that are supposedly not profit and also want to make this food, the typical situation of the fight for the patents, while thousands of people still die of hunger every day.


Most governments are only puppets of the big corporations and they only follow orders from them, and they serve them. For example, a treatment of Plumpy’nut for two months costs about 60 USD per person.

But governments like the U.S. and the powerful pharmaceutical industry are only interested in selling expensive and toxic ARV’s for Africa like AZT to treat AIDS, when the Nobel laureate Luc Montagnier which is an expert on AIDS said three years ago in a documentary called House of Numbers, how to reduce the incidence of AIDS in Africa, with good nutrition, clean water, adequate antioxidants and classic drugs for diseases like malaria and tuberculosis, resources that Africans and other poor countries don’t have.

In conclusion this is only a sample, that we live in an age of great scientific advances, but the madness of these 1% of this global elite have caused a lot of disasters in the world like wars, when we could have a better world for everybody right now.








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