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Poppers vs Medical Cannabis.



I took this photo in some sex shop in Mexico City.

Emanuel Pechir. 

I like to investigate this class of topics, earlier this year I wanted to write an article about a  recreational drug called “poppers”, this substance is legal in Mexico despite of the multiple dangers that represent for the human health.

This drug can be obtained in many sex shops, personally  it's the same for me if the product is legal or not, but the authorities have the obligation to inform about the dangers of this drug.

A small bottle as the one of the photo costs around 170 Mexican pesos, for the foreign friends is necessary to say that according to the variations 13 Mexican pesos are the equivalent to 1 USD.

Poppers are used majority by homosexual men to relax the muscles of the anus and with this facilitate the penetration in anal sex, in addition to the alleged aphrodisiac effects of the drug, also there are heterosexuals who use poppers but they are the minority, poppers are inhalant drugs.

In the film “Cruising” starring by Al Pacino we can see the poppers fashions at that time.

The effects that poppers can cause go from a state of drunkenness like when someone drinks alcohol in excess and in the worst scenarios problems like immunodeficiency, in fact many scientists experts in the AIDS issue like the Perth Group, Peter Duesberg, Robert Root-Bernstein, Stefan Lanka, Alfred Hassig, Joe Sonnabend, Harry Haverkos, among others, warned from the “beginning” of the AIDS era about the use of substances like poppers, cocaine, heroin, other hard drugs, antibiotics when they are used in excess, and even “medicines” like AZT, as the true causes of many of the AIDS cases in America and Europe.


First the "reliable" authorities denied that poppers were dangerous, but now these cynics say that they are dangerous, when it was already documented for many years.


One of the first AIDS “indicator” diseases in the 80's called Kaposi's Sarcoma, was present for many years mostly in gay people who used poppers (for more information see the documentary called House of Numbers).

In the scientific literature there are many studies that prove what I say.


In the other side in Mexico medical cannabis is illegal, even though every day scientists discover medicinal properties, including anti-cancer.


Personally as a practitioner of martial arts injuries are very common, I looked for some place  when you can get a cannabis ointment for injuries, and only one time I saw in a tianguis (street market) a young woman selling the ointment, but she was in the tianguis for a very short time (maybe a few months).

Although I don't agree with the legalization of hard drugs, the fact is that in pharmacies they sell products that are often as or more dangerous than illegal drugs.



This is just another example why the war on drugs is a fraud in Mexico's case was initiated by the demented Felipe Calderon with the orders of the psychopaths of the U.S. Government because this war represents a big business because the sale of weapons among other things.


The only thing that I can say is that Mexico is the surrealism kingdom because for obvious reasons if poppers are legal with all their dangers, medical cannabis should be legal because it has medicinal properties.

For people who are interested in this topic can see scientific studies on the harms of poppers on the following link.


It is also highly recommended to read the book of the journalist John Lauritsen about this topic, the book can be read online.


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