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Recommended Movie: BloodWork


Emanuel Pechir

Some days ago I saw a movie called BloodWork (2012)

From an entertainment perspective the movie although is not a hit it's a good movie.

The film is about some volunteers who entered to a pharma study with a very good salary to test a new medicine, but they got terrible side-effects.

If this doesn't happen in the real world it would be science fiction, unfortunately it's something that happens and is totally real, We know about the infamous and cruel experiments on syphilis many years ago of course these “experiments” had tragic consequences.

Another case a few years ago occurred in USA, the journalist Liam Scheff did a great investigation documented the cruel experiments that were made in an orphanage in the United States with young children with the poisonous drugs used to treat "HIV".

And of course they have taken place many other cases of this kind of experiments that are illegal, inhuman and deadly, they don't have any justification.

I have a personal anecdote in the year 2008 I was working in a computer school, and one day a co worker asked me if I want to win a good money?

From the beginning of his question I saw this very suspicious, and I asked him what want to tell me.

He told me that he was working in a Big Pharma company like volunteer giving his body to test medicines and their side effects in the long-term, he said me that he was receiving many injections of these medicines.

He offered me to participate as a "volunteer" in pharmaceutical experiments in which they inject approved medicines to see possible long-term reactions, he also told me that a computer teacher who was working in this school was participating in these "experiments" and with this money he was paying the University.

This person told me that the pay was 4,000 pesos per day ($296 USD) which is a very attractive salary in a country like Mexico where 82% of workers earn very poor salaries.

Also he told me that this people for each day when you stay in their building they provided you three meals per day, your own room with bed and TV, and they make you a complete clinical and blood tests to check your health before you enter to the experiments.

Of course I didn't accept this "work", and at that time I had some knowledge of science,and I wouldn't put my health in risk at any price, health is the most valuable thing that a person can have.

I don't know about this person rigth now who offered me to join to this chemical "adventure".

But I can't forget this anecdote when I saw the movie some days ago.

I remember other movies of this style like the Constant Gardener film where the theme is similar.

I don't deny that many drugs are very useful and save lives, but also I can't deny that more than 200,000 people die every year due to side effects of drugs and/or medical errors and this is only in the United States.

And now with the new unjustified hysteria with Ebola, they will test vaccines and dangerous medicines in volunteers, and unfortunately fear is a very dangerous enemy in China a few years ago many people acquired some type of AIDS that had nothing to do with an invisible retrovirus, but with very severe phobias.

The conclusions that I get from this theme are:

1-Big Pharma is unethical and doesn't care about human lives.

2-Governments protect Big Pharma.

3-I'm not a communist, but this kind of savage capitalism is crap.

4-Most importantly, patients deserve to know all the information of the treatment that they will receive.




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