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Suburban Australian's Letter on the Fake War on Terror from 2001


Cal Crilly

Letter to the Logan News letterbox paper (Rupert Murdoch owned local paper) from an Australian in 2001, can’t fool all Aussies.

“America launched the Afghanistan war to restore and boost production of opium and heroin production that was curtailed under the Taliban government.

An estimated US $1 trillion (I million million) in illicit drug money is laundered every year through US banks on Walls and invested in US securities and shares through the New York stock exchange.

Afghanistan accounted for 80% of all heroin entering the US and Europe.

The Taliban ban on opium production created a severe downturn for the US stock exchange.

Now with the Taliban out of the picture and the ‘democratic’ government of the Northern Alliance drug barons in their place, opium and heroin output is booming, making the US economy safe.”

This was from March 2001 if people have forgotten what actually happened?“Faiz Ahmed Faiz, the Taliban's foreign affairs spokesman, yesterday said his Islamic government had completely eradicated poppy cultivation. 'It was an epic task,' he said. 'The response to this tremendous achievement from the international community was unexpected. They imposed more and more sanctions on us.'

The Taliban had begun by reducing opium production by a third, using religious scholars to convince the people. They then totally wiped out 'this menace' two months ago, he added.”

World's opium source destroyed

https://www.theguardian.com/world/2001/apr/01/internationalcrime.drugstrade  TAGS:undefined


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