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The Dodgy Proof That AIDS is Sexually Transmitted.


Cal Crilly

I had a look and found Robert Gallo's one 1984 study on ‘HIV’ in semen, it only involved 2 patients so that's all the proof they ever used for the 'HIV is a sexually transmitted virus' theory.

They co-cultured the sperm with t-cells which is meaningless because t-cells express retroviruses anyway, while sperm cells are active with retroviruses as well.

"When the mononuclear cells from the semen of AIDS patients were co-cultured with a permissive human T-cell line, cell cultures were produced that expressed high levels of reverse transcriptase activity, showed retroviral particles by electron microscopy'...

HTLV-III in cells cultured from semen of two patients with AIDS. 1984


The fact is that sick t-cells express endogenous retroviruses so reverse transcriptase activity and retroviral particles are expected to show up in DNA tests.

HERV’s being the day to day functioning retroviruses in our DNA and cells.

'We estimated and compared the methylated levels of human endogenous retroviruses (HERV)-E and HERV-K in normal and SLE CD3+CD4+ T lymphocytes, CD8+ T and B lymphocytes...' and immune cells were all active with retroviruses.

DNA methylation of human endogenous retrovirus in systemic lupus erythematosus. 2013


And in Lupus the t-cells remain immature, sick and dysfunctional and jumping with retroviral particles. Knowing why is still a question to ask.

'HERV-E is involved in the development of SLE. HERV-E transcription may be activated via inhibition of LTR methylation in lupus CD4+ T cells.'

DNA methylation modulates HERV-E expression in CD4+ T cells from systemic lupus erythematosus patients. 2015


It also looks like sperm and oocytes use retroviruses to fuse together when making babies, these are fine details in biology simply not worked out yet.

'Additional proteins that may have nonessential yet still facilitating roles in sperm–oolemma adhesion and fusion include oolemma-anchored integrins and oocyte-expressed retroviral envelope proteins, sperm disintegrins, and sperm-borne proteins of epididymal origin such as CRISP1 and CRISP2.' Sperm–egg adhesion and fusion in mammals. 2009


All of this retroviral and reverse transcriptase activity is happening in the reproductive organs of mice so it is expected in humans.

‘ERVs (endogenous retroviruses), which comprise 8-10% of mouse and human genomes, are present in thousands of copies, ranging in size from complete 9 kb virus to truncated partial sequences. Despite well-documented differential expression of ERVs in normal and diseased tissues, their biological significance remains controversial.’

‘we have detected expression of six HERV families in epididymis and three in testis.’

Concluding that their findings ‘reveal HERVs that are routinely exposed to sperm.’

Endogenous retrovirus expression in testis and epididymis. 2007


Meaning they’ve just started looking in mice and all mammalian sperm including humans will be full of retroviruses as well if they keep looking.

The analogy I always use is that HIV scientists are merely magicians holding up a lot of retroviral sequences or retroviral ‘antibodies’ and saying ‘this causes AIDS’ because they fished it out a top hat full of cell sludge which is full of retroviruses.

When you step back and look the HIV theory it was trying to prove Africans eating monkeys were the source of AIDS and somehow they passed it on sexually via the Congo to Haiti where gays in the early 1980’s contracted it from going on sex tours?

Well the proof that HIV is sexually transmitted is Gallo’s one lame study on semen from two sick patients, dodgy as, no peer review, billions in research grants as a result.

The p24 antibody test is Gallo’s key piece of detection for being HIV+ yet a quick look in PubMed shows that there are 13 Gallo studies showing that he knew p24 detected retroviruses in lymphomas.

This was prior to the Robert Gallo and Margaret Heckler press conference where they claimed the HIV anti-body test detected a ‘sexually transmitted HIV’ and therefore was the cause of AIDS.

Margaret Heckler & Robert Gallo - 1984 Press Conference


Margaret Heckler actually says in that video ‘First, the probable cause of AIDS has been found’….

Then she says it is a ‘variant of a known human cancer virus’.

So all the 13 studies Gallo did before the press conference showed p24 antibodies detected retroviruses in lymphoma cells but there was no proof of transmission.

Nothing has ever been transmitted, retroviruses appear in sick t-cells and other cancer cells and HIV tests pick this up.

This is the ‘p24 lymphoma Gallo’ search in PubMed.

13 studies on p24 from lymphomas prior to the April 23rd 1984 press conference.


You can read all the new research into ‘lymphomas and endogenous retroviruses’ here, 145 to look at.


Further reading on the bizarre history of HIV/AIDS and the HIV anti-everybody test is here.

This details the scientific misconduct of Michael Gottlieb in creating the AIDS panic in 1981 without any evidence of a virus but plenty of evidence that drug use was causing AIDS cases.

'How the 'Discoverer' of 'AIDS' in 5 Gays from 1981 made the Biggest Blunder in History'


How ‘We All’ Came to ‘Have AIDS’: Rock Hudson’s False ‘Legacy’


How HAART drugs were invented.


The Pregnancy Cancer Connection





























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