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The Imaginary Jew


por Nacinor Grapevine

The imaginary Jew,
according to the imaginary parallel history,
declares before an imaginary false court
that he has suffered imaginary tortures
inflicted by a few imaginary guards
of an imaginary extermination camp.

He declares that his imaginary relatives
have died of thousand imaginary ways:
in imaginary gassing trucks,
in imaginary gas chambers,
in imaginary lakes of fire,
by imaginary electric currents,
turned into imaginary soaps
and into imaginary lampshades.

By means of an imaginary money
he forges imaginary chains
in the minds of an imaginary cattle
because he has received imaginary commandments
of an imaginary bloodthirsty god.

He takes possession of imaginary countries
and by means of imaginary mass media
and imaginary educational systems
he decrees imaginary teachings
of an imaginary equality,
of an imaginary tolerance
for an imaginary diversity.
With his money he bribes imaginary legislators
so that they should approve imaginary laws
that forbid that imaginary incredulous ones
deny his imaginary fables
and push all his imaginary corruption back.

With his imaginary vaccines
against imaginary illnesses
he poisons and damages to imaginary creatures
that will not enjoy their imaginary future.
He puts in the water an imaginary fluoride
to prevent an imaginary tooth decay
and he concocts genetically imaginary food
to kill imaginary enemies.

At sunset of every imaginary evening
while he lights a few imaginary candles
he sees thousands of imaginary shadows
that intone a few imaginary canticles
where they ask for his imaginary head.

After an imaginary cold sweat
in the night without imaginary moon
he dreams of the sea of imaginary gold
where the imaginary Jews rest,
and he feels the same pain again
the same imaginary pleasure
that the imaginary androgynous provokes him
which is hidden at the background of his imaginary temple.-




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