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The Pregnancy Cancer Connection?


Cal Crilly

"To sum up my thoughts on treatment, anti-inflammatory foods work. Red meats and dairy are actually inflammatory due to a Sialic acid they contain which is foreign to humans, we are mildly allergic to all mammals but not fish, birds or reptiles so any red meats can cause long term inflammation. The Sialic acid from dairy foods can also feed tumours and I suspect the same with eggs and they are both baby foods so avoid them in excess.

Phytates or IP6 from legumes, seeds, grains and bran may chelate minerals but inhibits cancer.Iron is inflammatory and feeds cancer as well as infections. The nutrients needed for methylation can also affect Iron absorption, to absorb Iron so it is used by the blood and does not become inflammatory we need Folate, B12, B6, Copper and Vitamin C in our diet. Folate, B12, B6, Selenium, methionine, Choline along with Vitamin A and D are needed to balance methylation.

Genetically anyone with mutations to Folate processing genes MTHFR1 and C677T need to be aware this can cause long term hypomethylation and dispose them to trophoblast type cells.

This is where genetic testing can prevent cancers; they can work out methylation levels in people before it becomes a problem. Folate supplementation can encourage cancer growth though hence the need to know if you have problems with those genes.

Too much Iron also can affect Selenium levels and the thyroid needs Selenium.

Thyroid hormones encourage both trophoblast and tumour invasion, and a lack of Selenium can cause hyperthyroid and wasting or cachexia. While Iodine without  Selenium makes more thyroid hormones, hence Iodine deficiency is also a risk for pregnancy loss because the trophoblasts need thyroid hormones to work.

Since tumours dissolve collagen Lysine tablets or foods with Vitamin C to remake collagen are part of the anti-angiogenesis formula. Proanthocyanidins from berries, Resveratol from grapes, Carotenoids from all the yellow / orange/red veggies have effect.

Green tea, Turmeric and Oleuropein from olives are potent anticancer compounds and anti-inflammatory.

Green tea even works better at preventing tumour attachment with Vitamin A.

My favourite anticancer compound is Bromelain, I use it to fix psoriasis. It is one of the best anti-inflammatory chemicals around, it breaks up fibrin and can be used as a blood thinner though any signs of bleeding stop using it. If Bromelain can be used it will prevent tumour attachment to CD44 molecules and also inhibits the inflammatory cytokines.

CD44 is also used for trophoblast attachment so don't take Bromelain if pregnant.

I want to see the study on what Bromelain does to retroviruses like HERV-W and HERV-K, waiting for that one.

Every one of the food chemicals above from Selenium to Bromelain also affect Caspase enzymes so tell tumours to stop.

These ideas can be researched and used by anyone including people using chemotherapy.

Bromelain for instance actually potentiate drugs.

Doctors using chemotherapy should be using detection scans to target chemotherapy directly to tumours and not all of the body, while being aware they can use all of the above."

The Pregnancy Cancer Connection





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