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What killed Freddie Mercury and millions of people?


By Cal Crilly

Millions of people are talking about Freddie Mercury and no one is mentioning that his wasting disease was caused by a lethal dose of the AIDS drugs AZT which also killed half a million gay men and is still used in a diluted dose these days while HIV tagged women and children get the old lethal dose for 12 weeks near birth.
Wonder AIDS drug.
….the first records of Kaposi’s Sarcoma was in diabetics in the 1950’s so it was never an AIDS disease and all of these gay men in the 1980’s were either using poppers or sexual lubricants with 5% Benzene called “hot oils", of course they would get cancer.
The first 'AIDS' cases were reported by Michael Gottlieb in 1981, he had 5 gay men who had all used poppers or amyl nitrate and other drugs, they had no sexual contact with each other so their pneumonia was drug induced.
Gottlieb then wrote a case study for a virology journal where he left out their drug use and said it was caused by a new herpes virus with no proof.
3 years later Robert Gallo claimed at a press conference that a retrovirus caused AIDS, at the time Gallo did not know that 8% of our DNA is retroviruses and cancer cells release retroviruses, all his 'AIDS' patients had cancer.
The HIV theory was only peer reviewed once in 2012.
Michael Gottlieb later prescribed 'happy pills' to Elizabeth Taylor while she raised hundreds of millions of dollars in research for him.
Taylor Doctors Are Accused of Prescription Violations

"Mercury discovered he had Aids in 1987. He had a Kaposi’s sarcoma lump on his shoulder. KS is such an advanced symptom of Aids — wasn’t there any preceding sign that he’d been infected with HIV? No, says Hutton, nothing. “His attitude was ‘Life goes on’. He took AZT and nearly every other drug available. The doctors came to the house to treat him.” Hutton didn’t take a test himself. “I was afraid.” An HIV test he took in 1990 confirmed that he had the virus. He didn’t tell Mercury until he tested positive again a year later. “All Freddie said was ‘Bastards’.”
Hutton was healthy. Mercury was becoming more ill. “The doctors thought he shouldn’t do the Barcelona video. But his attitude was ‘I’m not going to let this thing beat me’. I noticed how skeletal he’d become only on the morning of his last birthday. Maybe I was in denial. But I think Freddie knew when it was the time to let go. He decided to come off his Aids medication three weeks before he died.”
Jim Hutton: ‘I couldn’t bear to see Freddie wasting away

....This piece of history explains how HAART was devised, it was an awkward moment in 1993 when Glaxo had to admit that AZT had killed everybody from 1987 to 1993 and so Fauci and fellow criminals decided to lower the dose and repackage AZT with other drugs and called it HAART, same difference, slower death. Famous people that died on AZT during that time were Freddie Mercury, Kenny Everett and Rudolph Nureyev plus hundreds of thousands of gay men conned into taking AZT as a 'cure' for AIDS.

Controversy of Early AZT Usage Divides the Berlin AIDS Conference
“Angry,” “Frustrating,” Controversial," and "Confusing."
These are the words Doug Nelson used to describe and characterize the International Conference on AIDS being held in Berlin in Germany.
Nelson, the Executive Director of the Milwaukee AIDS Project. (MAP}, reporting by phone, said that the major debate, the "scientific controversy and confusion" was over the results of the Concorde Study and the American response to it. The results of the Study were reported to the Berlin Conference on the morning of June 8, 1993.
The recently Completed Concorde Study, done in Great Britain, was a 4-year study of 1,700 people on the effects of AZT on Inhibiting the replication of HIV, the virus 'thought' to cause AIDS.
The Study indicates that early AZT therapy for people who are HIV positive but asymptomatic makes 'no significant difference in either the progression of the disease or in individual survival when the drug is used alone.
The Concorde Study is the longest study on AZT as a single drug therapy.
Because of its length, Nelson said. Its results have had a "powerful" effect on the Conference.
"The Concorde Study is casting shadow over the use of AZT alone," Nelson said,
American scientists are pointing out that Concorde studied AZT alone.
The British researchers did not study the effect of AZT when given in combination with drugs such as DDI or ddC.
The Americans, Nelson said, are raising the issue of combination drug therapies as the direction we are heading.
"That is the debate in this whole conference," Nelson said.. "There is no consensus on any conclusion. The scientific community is now divided."
Nelson added that to him and others attending the Conference, this is "frustrating in the extreme, the controversy demonstrates to me" Nelson said, "that after 13 years of this epidemic, there are no answers. We have only scratched the surface."
Fauci speaks to the Conference.
On Tuesday, June 8. 1993, Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of the National Institutes of Health,. Office of AIDS Research in Washington, D.C. According to Nelson. Fauci said that the research he has been involved with shows that in the first 12 weeks after infection with HIV, replication of the virus is very high in the lymphatic system.'
Fauci 'also reported that his studies show that immune 'system activation is profound in the first 12 weeks. Activation is a profound way makes the T cells more susceptible to infection.
Nelson said that "It's a catch-22. We have in find ways to enhance the immune system without triggering profound activation of that system and thus leaving person more open to infection..
Nelson said that Fauci gave no answers, no way to do this. "'This is the great controversy," Nelson said, "How to find a way to make some progress, "My sense is," Nelson confirmed, "is that we're walking into an era of scientific gridlock on HIV research." That, he said, would be "disastrous,"
Nelson sharply condemned the U.S. and other developed countries that 'have not made much greater investment in scientific research on 'AIDS." He reiterated his frustration over the fact that "in 13 years of AIDS, there are no answers. We're back in ground zero" he said.
See Your Doctor
Nelson wanted it to be "'very clear" that MAP recommends that those of its clients on drug therapy should “immediately" talk with their physicians. (basically saying if you are on AZT stop now)
From The Wisconsin Light VOLUME SIX, No. 12—June 10, 1993—June 23, 1993

“The US major media did little to enlighten the public when it signalled the potential failure of ZDV (AZT) as therapy and the failure of CD4 as a disease marker. Instead this failure caused some fear and frustration for both patients and physicians. Burroughs Wellcome, in an effort to stem the tide of misinformation, opened the conversation about Concorde to interested media via a teleconference. While informative, it left participants with very little more than they knew before.” 1993
The Concorde Study and Its Impact on Clinical Decision-Making in HIV Care

"The results of Concorde do not encourage the early use of zidovudine in symptom-free HIV-infected adults. They also call into question the uncritical use of CD4 cell counts as a surrogate endpoint for assessment of benefit from long-term antiretroviral therapy." 1994 Concorde: MRC/ANRS randomised double-blind controlled trial of immediate and deferred zidovudine in symptom-free HIV infection

Women and children get the same dose of AZT that was used between 1987 and 1993 plus the new toxic antiretroviral Nevirapine, forward to now and the mutations are being reported

Antiretroviral Prophylaxis and the Risk of Cleft Lip and Palate: Preliminary Signal Detection in the Food and Drug Administration's Adverse Events Reporting System Database 2012

Women and children are still being subjected to poisoning with AZT, this kidnapping goes on in the UK, USA, Africa, Australia, anywhere parents refuse to poison their kids….

“The story is about a Russian family. They live in Tambov (central part of Russia). About 10 years ago they took a girl from the orphanage for children with the diagnosis of HIV +. In the new family the girl was happy and she had no health problems, which she used to have when taking AZT. One day people from agencies of guardianship came to their house and told the father they are going to take away their daughter--- the parents were shocked, the child was scared. Nobody was there to help them. They took the child back to orphanage, but she ran way in some days and came back HOME!!!
People from agencies of guardianship came to their house with the armed police officers who have beaten the father of the girl and have kidnapped the girl-you can see it on video.
Now they want to send the man to the prison, because he refused to give his adopted child the highly toxic medications prescribed by AIDS doctors”

This was the first thing I read about AZT in 1998, it was in a book called The AIDS War by John Lauritsen in the University of Queensland library....
"Those who have eyes to see are witnessing genocide-the genocide of gay men. Millions of dollars are now being spent on an international advertising campaign, "Living With HIV", in which gay men and other members of "risk groups" are being told:

Get tested for antibodies to HIV [the alleged "AIDS virus"] - if you "test positive" you need "medical intervention" which could "put time on your side". The "medical intervention" is AZT (also known as Retrovir and zidovudine), and the campaign is paid for, directly and indirectly, by Burroughs-Wellcome, the manufacturer of AZT.

The campaign consists of a phoney diagnosis followed by a lethal treatment. Already tens of thousands of objectively healthy gay men have been scared and bullied and bamboozled into taking AZT, allegedly in order to "slow the progression to AIDS". Optimism regarding their prognosis would be foolish. Except for the lucky few who stop "treatment" in time, they will die. Death is the expected biochemical consequence of taking AZT, for the fundamental action of the drug is to terminate DNA synthesis, the very life process itself. As Joseph Sonnabend has stated, "AZT is incompatible with life". Without a single benefit demonstrated by honest and competent research, AZT can do nothing but kill."
HIV Voodoo from Burroughs Wellcome

Freddie Mercury would be unimpressed…




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