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You Have Ebola So Don't Panic.


Cal Crilly

In 2010 this study showed Ebola genes in humans and all sorts of animals.

If Ebola is already in our genome then a “chicken or the egg” question happens, is Ebola the cause of the illness or detected from cells falling apart?

“Retroviruses are the only group of viruses known to have left a fossil record, in the form of endogenous proviruses, and approximately 8% of the human genome is made up of these elements. Although many other viruses, including non-retroviral RNA viruses, are known to generate DNA forms of their own genomes during replication, none has been found as DNA in the germline of animals. Bornaviruses, a genus of non-segmented, negative-sense RNA virus, are unique among RNA viruses in that they establish persistent infection in the cell nucleus. Here we show that elements homologous to the nucleoprotein (N) gene of bornavirus exist in the genomes of several mammalian species, including humans, non-human primates, rodents and elephants. These sequences have been designated endogenous Borna-like N (EBLN) elements.”

Endogenous non-retroviral RNA virus elements in mammalian genomes


So we are also the source of the virus.

The first fact to point out in the panic is that Selenium slows Ebola down so people who eat low protein are at risk, poor starving people mainly.

“The richest food sources of selenium are organ meats and seafood, followed by muscle meats”


Also Brazil nuts have enough Selenium content to be basic survival foods with influenzas..

One Brazil nut is a dose of Selenium a day, in the case of viral illness a few nuts a day, don’t eat too many as

Selenium can be toxic.

Theoretical Evidence that the Ebola Virus Zaire Strain May Be Selenium-Dependent: A Factorin Pathogenesis and Viral Outbreaks?


Involvement of Selenium in the Regulation of Viral Virulence


The worst symptoms of Selenium deficiency are wasting and Ebola will deplete more Selenium so wasting is expected.

 “The two major clinical signs in patients with selenium deficiency are skeletal myopathy and cardiomyopathy. White muscle disease, named because of its characteristic a colouration of the muscle is a myopathy caused by selenium deficiency in animals in the areas where the soil is low in selenium”.

White muscle disease in humans: myopathy caused by selenium deficiency in anorexia nervosa under long term total parenteral nutrition


While the most common cause of bleeding in humans is scurvy.

The symptoms of scurvy therefore are no different from Ebola and some Africans have scurvy, the other word is starvation.

Spot the difference?

"After a few months at sea the first symptoms would appear: an awful lassitude, with terrors and depression, followed by a rash which oozed blood from hair follicles on the body and legs, and by swollen joints. About a fortnight later the gums would swell, bleed and rot, and the teeth would become loose and fall out. Suppurating sores might develop on the body, and the bones would be racked by a terrible pain. As often as not, men with scurvy would suddenly drop dead as they dragged themselves about their work."

By the End, Death is a Mercy


So people using Umlingo in Africa are unlikely to get Ebola because Umlingo is full of lemons and garlic (:


New vaccines won’t help, they didn't help in the 1970's so I would stick with good food.

People in space suits are useless, help yourselves.

"The contention that transmission by contaminated syringe and needle was the major mode of spread is based on good histories from at least 85 families that persons received injections within the three week period prior to illness onset whereas less than 1% of unaffected family members received injections."









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